WATCH: This New Show Is Exactly What It's Like When You Don't Know How to Adult

We miss you, allowance.


( We've all been there: You're a fresh graduate who's just about to enjoy the liberating feeling of being free from deadlines and papers. But then you realize—you're actually technically unemployed and you don't have your parents' baon to get you through the day anymore.


It all just goes downhill from there, tbh. You have to figure out how the hell taxes, insurance, and bills work all while trying to earn the money to pay for them. It all happens so fast—one weekend you're drinking to your hearts's content (and your liver's demise), the next, you're buying groceries and stuff for the house.




You might feel alone in your struggles, but that's exactly why director Pam Reyes (who produced the award-winning Birdshot, no big deal) wanted to make a new TV series called #Adulting. "I’ve always wanted to create something that shows the lives of young women in the Philippines. It’s a unique perspective that I hope the audience will like." She also notes that they also shot the series with a team that's mostly made up of women, so you're sure that they know what it's like.



The show revolves around a group of friends who go through the ups and downs of life together as they move from college life to the real world. Aira (IJ Villanueva) is an aspiring film director but has to make her way to the top by first being a production assistant.


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Lars (Pau Benitez) has to choose between her long-term relationship or her career.



Meanwhile, the quirky Sab (Mica Villanueva) struggles to keep her happy facade while going through personal and mental issues.



And the Ilongga graduate Bulak (Francesca Go) is at her wit's end looking for a job in the city while also figuring out her sexuality.



It's easy to find yourself relating to at least one, if not all, of the girls. And it's a great feeling to know that you're not the only one who's having trouble with the real world.

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