WATCH: Best Actress Winner Jaclyn Jose Gives an Acting Masterclass in These Hilarious Videos

How do you react when you receive a bimpo as a gift?

( There's a memorable scene in Die Beautiful where Paolo Ballesteros's character, Trisha, perfectly imitates Jaclyn Jose's distinctly understated style of acting. And honestly, there's no one better to copy—especially given that the actress was the first Filipina to ever win the prestigious Cannes Film Festival's award for Best Actress for her work in Ma' Rosa. Now, the internationally renowned actress herself is here to teach you how to nail her acting style with these three new Lazada commercials that'll have you in stitches.



The first ad starts with the actress receiving a very typical Pinoy gift: A bimpo (a.k.a. a towel). Spoofing her acting style, she appears to be dramatically touched by the gesture in a very restrained manner, with all her emotion seen only through her eyes and tiny gestures. She then reveals that this is her way of reacting upon receiving a so-so gift from someone she doesn't want to offend. (Because surely, we can all relate to this, right?)



The second ad has her acting out the phrase, "Happy birthday, Lazada" in her trademark downplayed and controlled manner, making it all the more hilarious. The way she whispers the phrase in the latter part will have you rolling on the floor!



The third is the shortest video of them all, but it's just as funny, showcasing just how quickly Jose can shift emotions while acting. You'll pick up a thing or two after watching all the ads—after all, if this award-winning actress can't teach you how to fool your tita into believing that you really love her recycled gift, then who else can?



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