You Can Skip As Many Songs As You Want on the New Free on Spotify

And save on data while listening, too!


( We've come a long way from recording a song on our phones when it plays on the radio just so we can listen to it when we want to. Gone are the days you would painstakingly download each song one by one (!) on your computer for hours on end then transfer them to your phone afterwards. And how did people even pick out what songs they'd want playing in the background while having a house party? Or when they're stuck in hellish traffic? It's really hard to imagine life without Spotify, tbh.


You've already been enjoying those playlists and albums, but those shower concerts are about to get better. The music-sctreaming service will be rolling out the all-new Free on Spotify that's more tailor-made to fit your listening (and sing-along) experience. You'll soon be able to choose any song from 15 of their on-demand, specially curated playlists. These playlists are actually customized depending on which songs you like. You can listen to your old faves from RapCaviar, Ultimate Indie, Alternative R&B, or discover new tunes on Discover Weekly, Daily Mix, and Release Radar—all without the fear of running out of skips!




Their personalized playlists are probably going to be the mixtape you wish your (maybe non-existent) significant other gave you—just because the songs are exactly what you love listening to. That's because Spotify asks right from the start which artists you like to get a feel of your musical taste. You can also effortlessly add a song to your Favorite list or hide an artist with the tap of a button on the side.


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But if you're a strong, independent person who doesn't need anyone to make a playlist for you, you can just as easily create your own. Spotify will help you find the songs you want to add with a list of suggestions you just tap to include. Now you can make a quick workout playlist before you hit the treadmill!



You might be thinking that all these cool new updates come with a price a.k.a. a huge phone bill—but that won't be the case with the new Data Saver option. You just have to switch it on when you go the settings and they'll optimize the streaming quality so it uses less data. That means all you have to worry about now is what new release you'll be putting on loop next.


Free on Spotify will be made available globally on both iOS and Android in the coming weeks.

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