WATCH: This New Indie Thriller Is Sure to Leave You Disturbed

Jean Garcia steps up as a villain.

( We're halfway into the year but that doesn't mean there aren't any more new indie films to look forward to. We've already got a few ones marked on our calendars but it won't hurt to add another to the list—especially if it's as thrilling as this. You might already know her as one of the most memorable kontrabidas of all time, but it's a whole new level seeing Jean Garcia become a contract-killer in the trailer for her new indie film, Watch Me Kill.



Garcia plays Luciana, who is hired as a mercenary tasked with killing different people in different ways. While she's more than knowledgeable using a gun—she can even be a sniper—she's also handy with knives and physical combat. When she gets another assignment for a large sum of money, she successfully hits the target. But what she didn't know is that a young girl named Aurora (Junyka Santarin) was with the target. Instead of killing the girl as she's supposed to (and used to), she instead saves the girl and starts seeking redemption.



The film, directed by T.A. Acierto, also stars Jay Manalo, Rodolfo Muyuela, and Althea Vega. The official release date is yet to be announced but it'll hopefully be out within the year.


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