Soon You Won't Have to Download Your Favorite TV Show's Episodes Manually

Netflix will do it for you.


( Watching the latest episode of your favorite show has never been easier since streaming—and Netflix—came around. You don't have to wait for the episode to air on a particular time on a particular day anymore (you no longer have to depend on non-legit sites, either) because you can just watch it on your laptop or phone any time of the day.



Things got easier when Netflix introduced the Download feature in 2016, which lets you download all of the episodes of one TV show and watch them even if you're offline. Still, you had to deal with all of the memory an entire series of Stranger Things or FRIENDS takes up by deleting them all after watching. But not anymore. They've since upped the game with their new Smart Downloads feature, which automatically deletes the episode you just finished and downloads the next episode you're going to watch—and you don't even have to lift a finger.



Here's how it works: When you're watching a downloaded episode, Smart Downloads will delete it from your account's memory, and already download the next episode without you doing anything—you just need to be connected to WiFi. The app will just notify you when it's finished downloading.


So now, you don't have to go back and review your files that are for deleting. You can still have storage space on your phone while being up to date with your favorite show. And no, Smart Downloads won't take up your data plan as it only works via WiFi, so you won't have a huge bill at the end of the month, either.



Smart Downloads is only available for TV shows (given that Netflix won't be able to tell what movie you're going to want to watch next). But keep in mind that the feature is optional. You can turn it off and stick to the old-school downloading if you prefer.


The Smart Downloads feature was made available for Android devices on July 10. It will be available for iOS devices later in 2018.


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