Everything You Need to Know About Crazy Rich Asians

Catch it on August 22!

We’re a few weeks away from the local release of Crazy Rich Asians on August 22. For anyone who’s read the trilogy and is eagerly awaiting to see how Asians will be represented in the film, this last stretch is the toughest.

To tide fans over, here's a rundown of details about the film, the trailers, a complete list of who’s playing which character, and what the stars themselves think of their roles.

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The Plot

Rachel Chu is invited by her longtime boyfriend Nick Young, the seemingly normal and sensible history professor, to go to Singapore with him to the wedding of his childhood friend, Colin Khoo, and to meet his family while at it. Rachel has no clue as to what she's in for—Nick lives in a world where the primary mode of transportation are private jets, where homes are designed with luxury car elevators, and entire hotels and enterprises can be bought out with a phone call.


Hilarity and drama ensue as Rachel tries to cope with the fast lifestyle of Nick's ultra-wealthy family and friends, all while she deals with his jealous exes and Nick's disapproving mother, Eleanor.

The Trailers

The official trailer provides ample snippets of the film and gives us a peek into Rachel's initial shock at her boyfriend's wealth.

The real jaw-dropper, however, is the over-two-minute clip of the movie. Nick and Rachel are seated at a café in New York, where he asks her to come to meet his family in Singapore. Just then, a woman we're assuming is Celine Lim (who is known as "Radio One Asia" in the film; there is no record of Cassandra Shang on the cast list so far), snaps a picture of the two. The photo makes its way halfway across the world, where word has gone out about Rachel. We're left with a telling shot of an annoyed Eleanor, who has just learned about Rachel's existence during one of her famous bible study sessions.

Cast and Character Descriptions

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Constance Wu as Rachel Chu
The Fresh Off the Boat star plays Rachel, a 29-year-old Economics professor at New York University. Because she was raised in the States, her trip to Singapore will be her very first trip to Asia. She accompanies Nick to his best friend's wedding and is determined to please her boyfriend's family and friends, but soon realizes her best might not be good enough for his elite circle.

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Henry Golding as Nick Young
Golding is a relative unknown in Hollywood and was once a BBC Travel presenter. He plays the male protagonist, Nick Young. Despite growing up a scion of a wealthy family, Nick never let his wealth or status define him.

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Michelle Yeoh as Eleanor Young
The Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon star plays Nick's mother, a perfect embodiment of elegance and old money. She's protective of her only child and wants nothing but the best for him—this means marriage to a woman with an honorable lineage.

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Gemma Chan as Astrid Leong
Gemma Chan takes on the role of the ultra-stylish Astrid, Nick's favorite cousin. She seems to be the only one from Nick's family who truly takes Rachel's side but has to attend to some drama of her own.

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Awkwafina as Peik Lin Goh
Peik Lin Goh is Rachel's best friend from school. She also comes from a wealthy family in Singapore but they are considered "new money."

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Chris Pang as Colin Khoo
Pang plays Colin Khoo, Nick's childhood best friend.

Sonoya Mizuno as Araminta Lee
Colin's bride, Araminta, is a glamorous supermodel who also comes from a moneyed family. She graciously invites Rachel to her bridal shower, where things go sour for the newcomer.

Remy Hii as Alistair Cheng

Alistair Cheng is Nick's cousin. He buys himself into the film business and makes heads turn when he takes Kitty Pong, a gold-digging wannabe starlet, to the wedding.

Pierre Png as Michael Teo
Michael Teo is Astrid's controlling husband. A former Army captain, Michael's insecurities come from in-laws who never fail to remind him that he married up.

Ronny Chieng as Eddie Cheng
One of Nick's crazy cousins, the Hong Kong-based Eddie is obsessed with wealth and status.


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Jimmy O. Yang as Bernard Tai
In the film, Bernard stages an over-the-top bachelor party for Colin, who only invited him because the two families do business together.

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Nico Santos as Oliver T'sien
U.S.-based Filipino actor Nico Santos plays Oliver T'sien, a fashion designer in the film who maintains a relationship with his wealthier cousins by making himself useful in any way that he can. Watch Santos talk about the film below:


The rest of the cast:

  • Tan Kheung Hua as Kerry Chu
  • Lisa Lu as Shang Su Yi
  • Ken Jeong as Goh Wye Mun
  • Koh Chieng Mun as Neena Goh
  • Constance Lau as Celine Lim
  • Selena Tan as Alexandra Cheng
  • Janice Koh as Felicity Leong
  • Jing Lusi as Amanda Ling
  • Amy Cheng as Jacqueline Ling
  • Victoria Loke as Fiona Cheng
  • Fiona Xie as Kitty Pong
  • Harry Shum Jr. as Charlie Wu

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Of course, not to be missed is Kris Aquino as Princess Intan.

Movie Stills

Nick shares a moment with his favorite cousin, Astrid.
Rachel gets advice from Peik Lin.
PHOTO BY Warner Bros. Pictures
Gemma Chan as the stylish yet modest Astrid Leong
PHOTO BY Sanja Bucko/Warner Bros. Pictures
Peik Lin Goh welcomes her best friend Rachel Chu to her gilded mansion in Singapore.
PHOTO BY Sanja Bucko/Warner Bros. Pictures
Michelle Yeoh as Eleanor Young
PHOTO BY Sanja Bucko/Warner Bros. Pictures

Chris Pang as Colin Khoo
PHOTO BY Sanja Bucko/Warner Bros. Pictures
Fil-Am actor Nico Santos as Oliver T'sien stands next to Michelle Yeoh as Eleanor Young.
PHOTO BY Sanja Bucko/Warner Bros. Pictures
Rachel talks to Peik Lin's father, the eccentric Goh Wye Mun played by Ken Jeong.
PHOTO BY Sanja Bucko/Warner Bros. Pictures
Araminta Lee gets a surprise during her lavish destination bridal shower.
PHOTO BY Sanja Bucko/Warner Bros. Pictures
Colin Khoo stands next to his best man, Nick Young, and the rest of his groomsmen.
PHOTO BY Sanja Bucko/Warner Bros. Pictures

Initial Reception

The film is set in Singapore and Malaysia and features an all-Asian ensemble. The feat is something that hasn't been seen in contemporary Hollywood, save for period films, in 25 years. The last movie similar to this is the movie adaptation of Amy Tan's Joy Luck Club.


Director Jon M. Chu made headlines two years ago when he revealed his plans for the film.

Constance Wu recently spoke out about the significance of the film and why it's important for her and her fellow Asian actors.

She tweeted, “History is about to be made again—in a little over a week, the Warner Bros film Crazy Rich Asians will be released, it’s a bit of déjà vu for me, [because] CRA is the first Hollywood Studio film in over 25 years to center an Asian American’s story. Before CRA, I hadn’t even done a tiny part in a studio film… I never dreamed I would get to star in one… because I had never seen that happen to someone who looked like me. CRA is changing that, just like [Fresh Off the Boat] did. CRA not only centers on an Asian American story, it is also filled with a talented, dynamic, unique all-Asian cast.”

Wu's co-star, Henry Golding, even had to defend his casting, since some fans of the book thought he was not "Asian enough" to play Nick. "It's fair," the half-Malaysian, half-British television presenter told Instyle.  "There should be a conversation about it, because if there wasn't, I think we wouldn't be able to educate people. There are allowed to be questions like that, because the past has dictated that roles have been whitewashed."

Cast and character descriptions are based on the production notes from the film and may differ from those in the book.


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