10 Catchy Commercial Jingles (2018 Edition)

Good luck getting these tunes out of your head.


(SPOT.ph) In the Philippines, even ads are considered entertainment. After all, you have to sit through them while waiting for your fave teleserye or radio show to return. From the tear-jerking kind to the comically absurd, there's no shortage of memorable ads, and what really sticks with you are the LSS-inducing jingles. Yes, they only play for less than a minute, but you’ll be humming them throughout the day. We list down the ones you've probably already memorized by now.


Pride Detergent's "MagnifiScent"

Pride has never shied away from coming out with jingle after jingle for their products, so it comes as no surprise that they also have a special tune for their detergent powder, too. How many times do you hear the unforgettable “ang bango-bango” line on the radio? It somehow makes you want to smell some flowers wafting through the air.

Jollibee’s "Linamnam Ulam" Burger Steak

Through the years, Jollibee has been known to throw out a new tune that just sticks (we bet you still sing “Bida Ang Saya” whenever you order a meal there). And their most recent one puts Anne Curtis in the spotlight with “Linamnam Ulam” and it’s making everyone want a burger steak, stat.

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Downy's Downy Sweetheart

Pia Wurtzbach has been in a ton of Downy commercials, but for Downy Sweetheart, she actually sings the jingle. Paired with some fun dance moves, a flowy maxi dress, and a whole lot of pink, this song has slight indie-pop feels. Even if the words don’t stick, you’ll still remember the beat.


RiteMED's "May RiteMED Ba Nito?"

Admit it, you totally sang that phrase in your head. Starring Susan Roces, RiteMED came out with this memorable tune that will probably bug your head for days. But hey, that just means they hit the jingle gold mine. It doesn’t follow the usual quick beat you often hear in songs nowadays, but maybe that’s why it caught on so well. (Not to mention, pop-loving millennials probably aren’t the target market for this ad.)

Cherifer's "Cherifer-ever"

No, it’s not Rick Astley, remastered—it’s Cherifer’s 2017 jingle. In a move reminiscent of Ariel’s parody for “Finally” by CeCe Peniston, Cherifer put their own lyrical twist to a popular Astley song, “Together Forever.” The brand’s mascot also performs some sick moves that you probably never imagined could even be done in a costume. The song assures you there’s a forever with Cherifer, and even if you don’t believe in forever, maybe you’ll actually remember to take your vitamins.


Unilab's "Unilab ‘Yan"

What happens when you put together Pinoy celebrities, an upbeat tune, and pa-cute moves in front of the camera? The “Unilab ‘Yan” jingle, that’s what. The ad treats you to some pretty simple videos of Coco Martin, Anne Curtis, and Jodi Sta. Maria, but the song will be stuck in your head for days.

JRS Express

When JRS Express came out with this jingle, it seemed like the only thing you’d hear on the radio. It starts off with a drum-heavy beat and rhyming lyrics (“Kung kayo ay may padala—sa Luzon, sa Visayas, o Mindanao pa"). The rock-inspired tune is pretty catchy—it’ll remind you of the early 2000s OPM songs you used to jam to.

Nestea's "Push Mo 'Yan, Tea"

Maymay Entrata is already energetic enough on her own, so you can only imagine what multiple versions of her would be like. In this funny clip, the brand manages to put together a foot-tapping song, clever lyrics, and a popular Filipino expression—“Push mo 'yan, ‘te” —all in one entertaining jingle.


Palmolive's "Check sa Bagong Palmolive"

Teen stars Julia Barretto and Janella Salvador team up in this super-preppy pop tune. The ad has constantly "checking" whether or not their hair still smells fresh even after making their way through the busy city. By the end of the song, it'll be your LSS that you'll have to have checked.

Colgate's "Brush, Brush, Brush"

It's impossible for you not to know how many times you're supposed to brush your teeth after this commercial. The ad is meant to teach kids to brush their teeth in the morning, at noon, and in the afternoon. But you have to admit: The song got you excited for your toothbrush routine, too.

Smart Dishwashing Liquid's "Misis Bongga"

Cleaning dishes is one of the most tedious chores to do at home. But this song makes it look so exciting, especially when it makes you want to dance while scrubbing the grease stains off your pans.


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