Liza Soberano Just Took Away the Internet's Right to Be Scared of Roaches

She's not scared of worms, either.

( Everyone's afraid of something, be it heights, blood, or even clowns. And while Halloween may be over, everyone's fear of insects—or cockroaches, really—isn't going away anytime soon. (And for good reason: They can fly!) Well, that is until you watch Liza Soberano's Fear Box video with Technomarine, where she touches and holds a random object placed in a box and takes a guess at what it is.


The video starts out innocent enough. A bunch of brown, fuzzy kiwis are placed in a box and Soberano wonders what it could be. "Coconut? What is this? Is it alive? A potato?" After a few guesses, she eventually gets it right. But what's placed next in the box isn't for the squeamish: Actual, living crickets. "It's a crab?" Soberano asks just as one of the insects jumps from her hand. "What is it? A spider?" she says calmly as another cricket goes up her hand. She unbelievably keeps her cool even as she guesses that it might be a cockroach—something that a lot of social-media users found inconceivable, especially if your first instinct is to grab the nearest tsinelas and whack madly at it. 

If that wasn't enough, there's another video of her holding worms and she still isn't scared. And while Soberano wasn't the least bit bothered by the insects she touched, the Internet is left questioning whether they still have the right to be.


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