This Bittersweet Rom-Com Shows What Happens Behind Those Cheesy Travel Photos on Instagram

It stars Alessandra de Rossi and Paolo Contis.

( Admit it: There's always that one couple on your Instagram feed that always posts photos—complete with the cheesiest captions—of their travels around the Philippines and different countries. You've probably scrolled through their nth picture while rolling your eyes or double-tapped their post and dropped a comment about how cute they are. But what goes on behind the scenes isn't always so picture-perfect. Well, at least that's what happens in Through Day and Night, a new romantic comedy starring Alessandra de Rossi and Paolo Contis. It's set to premiere on November 14.


In the trailer, Ben (Contis) proposes to Jen (de Rossi) after a sweet performance on stage. "Malaking part ka ng past ko, present. Di ko ma-imagine 'yong future ko na wala ka," he says as he kneels down. But Jen asks him not to continue with the proposal—only because her nails aren't ready. "'Yong kuko ko sobrang pangit." Still, she hilariously accepts. Ben then surprises her with a trip to her dream destination: Iceland. They start off enjoying everything together, though Ben ends up (literally) carrying most of the load. But as their trip goes on, they start questioning why they even went on the trip together—or why they're even together. "Anong point kung hindi tayo magkasama?" Ben asks, to which Jen answers, "Bakit, kailangan ba lagi tayong magkadikit?" 

Through Day and Night premieres on November 14.

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