10 Tagalized Cartoons That Will Make You Miss Your Childhood

These will take you back to the good old days.


(SPOT.ph) Long before you started binge-watching your favorite series on a streaming service after a stressful day at work, you were rushing back home after school so you can catch an episode of your favorite cartoon. You had to know what was going to happen because that’s what everyone’s going to be talking about in school—or in your neighborhood when you go out to play with the other kids. So in case you miss those carefree days, we list down the Tagalized cartoons you watched as a kid (much to your parents’ annoyance).


Slam Dunk

Before you cheered for your school in the UAAP or NCAA, or for your favorite team in the PBA and NBA, you were rooting for Shohoku High. (Including Sakuragi, even though he doesn’t know how to shoot free throws.) Watching this as a kid probably had you thinking all basketball players do a monologue in their head before taking every shot.

Ghost Fighter

At one point in your childhood, you and your playmates were all pointing rei guns at each other. You might not know what “rei” meant at the time (it means “spirit,” btw), but you all knew that doing finger guns just like Eugene does in Ghost Fighter gives you powers to beat the bad guys. Your adult self probably got a kick out of seeing Ghost Fighter on your timelines, thanks to that not-so-innocent meme that made the rounds a few years back.

Princess Sarah

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There once was a time when Princess Sarah wasn’t meme royalty and was actually a blue-haired Cinderella stuck skinning potatoes for the evil Miss Minchin. It was her kind-heartedness that won you over as a kid and your parents probably used her as an example for you to follow (y’know, because she actually did her chores). In a perfect world, we’d have a Princess Sarah and Cedie, Ang Munting Prinsipe crossover. But it did inspire a live-action remake, Sarah, Ang Munting Prinsesa in 1995, which stars Camille Prats, Angelica Panganiban, and Jean Garcia.


Any kid would’ve been lucky to have Doraemon by their side—what with his 4D pocket that stores all the gadgets you could think of. From a reverse-gravity belt to a bamboo-copter (both of which being exactly what they sound like), Doraemon the robotic cat has everything that the young Nobita needs so he can one-up his bullies.


Sailor Moon

Admit it: You and your friends all called dibs on your favorite Sailor, only for the last one (if you’re a group of girls, at least) to be forced to be Tuxedo Mask. But whether you claimed to be Sailor Venus, Sailor Neptune, Sailor Jupiter, Sailor Mars, or Sailor Moon, you probably had your transformation scene down pat. Count yourself lucky if you had pet (or even stray) cats you pretended were Luna and Artemis.

Voltes V

Sure, kids nowadays pretend to be Bumblebee or Optimus Prime from Transformers. They might even pretend to be the pilots of the jaegers from Pacific Rim. But let’s face it: Nothing quite compared to the impact that Voltes V had. (It was even banned during Martial Law because it allegedly promoted rebellion.) No matter how many times you’ve watched the show, it was always amazing to watch all five machines get together, and you’d even shout, “Let’s volt in!” along with the characters.


Dragon Ball

If Thanos had to collect all the Infinity Stones so he could kill half the world with a snap of his fingers, Goku had to collect all seven of the Dragon Balls so he could summon the dragon Shenron who can make any wish come true. Along the way, Goku makes friends with the likes of Bulma and Krillin and he also trained under the skilled (but also pervy) Master Roshi. But of course, Goku also runs into a few enemies, including Piccolo, Vegeta, Freeza, and Majin Boo. His story as an adult saiyan continues in Dragon Ball Z, which also includes his son Gohan.

Bubu Chacha

This anime would probably give Ansel Elgort a run for his money—what with a small, yellow car having an actual baby driver. It’s easy to fall in love with how adorable everything is, including the tiny animals that the toddler Randy often plays with and his car Chacha’s dog-like characteristics. But when you get older, you’ll find out that Chacha was once really Randy’s dog, who got reincarnated as a car after he saves Randy from being hit by one.



The saying, “Small but terrible,” probably came from someone who watched Mirmo! as a kid. Based on a Japanese manga called Mirmo de Pon!, the series follows the titular Mirmo, a pint-sized but very playful fairy who is assigned to a human to help make their wishes come true. You might also recall Mirmo as the chocolate-loving prince of the fairy world, who is engaged to fellow fairy Rima (but doesn’t want to get married to her because he only likes her as a friend).


Did anyone even know how Yu-Gi-Oh cards work or did they just pretend because it looks cool on TV? In this series, the main character Yugi solves an ancient puzzle, which contains a spirit that gives him powers to beat anyone in any kind of game. The details of it all might be a bit hazy to some, but Yugi’s yellow-black-and-purple hair is still unforgettable.


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