10 Most Attention-Grabbing Commercials of 2018

From funny, to heartwarming, to just plain epic.


(SPOT.ph) It’s been another year of scrolling through your social-media feeds and tagging (or getting tagged by) your friends on a new commercial. Whether they shared it with you because it was hilarious, heartwarming, or just plain epic, we round up the ones that grabbed our attention.


Homecoming from Jollibee

Who could forget Jollibee’s Crush video? It basically had everyone writing their own sweet notes on burgers for a good month. And while they did end up together, everyone wanted to know how. Thankfully, they followed up with a sequel where we see the two leads reminisce about how they got to where they are.

Kumusta Ka from McDonald’s

It’s been a while since we last saw former reel- and real-life partners Sharon Cuneta and Gabby Concepcion onscreen together. And while our fingers are still crossed for their reunion movie, this McDo commercial is the next best thing. It’s simple enough, with Concepcion asking Cuneta if they can share a table—but it’s the decades of stories and palpable chemistry between them that make it such a hit for people of all ages.

Pabaon sa Buhay from Safeguard

You’re lying if you say this video didn’t make you tear up. It follows the story of Norman King, the first Aeta graduate from the University of the Philippines. The ad shows his story growing up and being bullied in school and how his experiences with being different made him stronger to become who he is today.

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How Long Can You Keep a Secret from Bench

It’s not easy to make a short video that’s equal parts funny and sweet, but this story is definitely both. The video focuses on a young boy who uses his signature scent so his crush can notice him—but his dad notices too, and asks his son about his love life when he gets home. Still, it seems like his dad doesn’t need answers to know what’s really going on.

Learning to Love from Vicks

This almost five-minute video is worth every second. The neighborhood’s resident thug usually spends his time causing trouble. That is, until he can’t get any sleep because of a crying baby next door. He eventually discovers that the baby’s parents have fled, leaving him responsible for the child. The video itself will already make you teary-eyed, but you might just cry buckets when you see in the end that it’s actually based on a true story.


Every Kind of Family, Every Day to the Max from Max’s

To say that this commercial is out of this world would be an understatement. It starts out with aliens—yup, as in extraterrestrial beings—landing in Manila while a slowed-down version of “Kaleidoscope World” plays in the background. Their presence causes chaos and panic all over the city as people protest against them. But the aliens make their way towards a Max’s restaurant, where they see that every kind of family is welcomed. Yes, it’s weird, but hey, it’s just as sweet.

Get Personal with Levi’s

This is actually a commercial made for the holidays, but it’s sure to make you get the feels all year round. A dad comes into a Levi’s store and sees that they can personalize denim jackets. And while the rest opt to have cute patches on theirs, he fashions his design in a way that his son would appreciate.


Angkas, Tara Na! from Angkas

If there was one word to describe Angkas’ two-minute-and-a-half commercial-slash-music-video, it would be wild. There’s so much going on: Rappers dropping verses in front of uniformed riders, a motorcade through Manila streets, and dance battles. You might not know what the heck is going on, but this isn’t a video you’d forget anytime soon, that’s for sure.


Shopee Dance from Shopee

Just reading the word “Shopee” probably already triggered your LSS. (Sorry not sorry!) And if the catchy (to the point of annoying) tune wasn’t enough, it also comes with dance steps also patterned after that "Baby Shark" viral video. Admit it though,

Alice at Robinsons from Robinsons Galleria


We all know the tale: (Urban) legend has it that actress Alice Dixson was kidnapped by a mutant snake that slithers through different Robinsons malls. That snake is supposedly also the twin brother of Robina Gokongwei-Pe, the daughter of mall owner and JG Summit founder John Gokongwei. In this funny video, Dixson finally comes face to face with the monster—and in a dressing room, no less.

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