Penn Badgley Compares His Chemistry With You Co-Star Shay Mitchell to Halo-Halo

Of course Mitchell had him try the Pinoy dessert.

PHOTO BY Ida Aldana

( Pinoy fans have been waiting for Shay Mitchell and Penn Badgley ever since it was announced that they were headed to Manila to promote their new Netflix series, You. You've probably already binge-watched the show—but in case you haven't, Badgley plays Joe, a bookstore manager who falls in love (and gets obsessed with) Beck (Elizabeth Lail), Peach's (Mitchell) best friend. They'll be having a special fan event tomorrow, January 15, at 5:30 p.m. at The Greenbelt Gallery on the second level of Greenbelt 5. But before they meet and greet their fans, Mitchell and Badgley talked with the media about their trip to the Philippines and the show.


Host Joyce Pring asked the two to greet their fans, and Mitchell revealed how she got Badgley to try—what else—halo-halo. She even documented the experience on her Instagram Stories. "We tried halo-halo!" she exclaims. "Well, he did," she says, pointing to Badgley who continues, "And it was massive!" He adds, "It was great, it was good. I mean, it's a lot of sugar, it's like 10 a.m. but it was nice."

PHOTO BY Ida Aldana
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Badgley says he hasn't tried a lot of Filipino food, because room service actually recommended the American breakfast over Filipino breakfast. Mitchell then promises she'll send food to Badgley's room, like longganisa.

They were then asked what it was like when they first read the script and got to see the characters come to life onscreen. Mitchell answers, "I remember reading some of the scenes between Penn's character Joe and Peach and imagining how I would play that. But honestly, being on set and getting to work with Penn, was 10 times more fun. It's funny, I'm literally having to kill him with my eyes—and then he literally does, kill people."

PHOTO BY Ida Aldana

Badgley agrees, saying, "It was a lot of fun. I love working with Shay. I really do and I love doing press with Shay. I feel like we're quite different but we mix well—like the ingredients of a halo-halo." He adds, "It's like unity in diversity."


It's only the pair's first day in Manila but it looks like they're enjoying their trip so far. You can only expect them to make their fans swoon even more during the special fan event.

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