The Stars of Netflix's Arthdal Chronicles Talk About the Fantasy Drama

They tell us about the world of Arthdal and how the show is relevant today.

( If you’re into fantasy dramas, then you have something new to add to your binge-watch list. Netflix’s Arthdal Chronicles—which premieres today, June 1—takes place in a mythical land set in prehistoric times. It follows the journeys of Eunseom (Song Joong-ki), a half-Neanderthal, half-human member of the Wahan tribe who goes into battle with Tagon (Jang Dong-gun), the genius strategist and war hero. There is also Tanya (Kim Ji-won), the successor of the Wahan tribe, who has to come to terms with her destiny, and Taealha (Kim Ok-vin), the power-hungry, ambitious heir of the Hae tribe.

In an interview, got to catch up with the four leads and talked about the other details of this highly anticipated fantasy show.

So what can you expect to see in the city of Arthdal? "We are going to see many tribes, many characters, and the stories that will be developed within the interactions among those characters," says Dong-gun.


Joong-ki describes the fictitious world of Arthdal as "quite distinctively Korean" that is presented in a "universal way." The writers were able to put up this fantasy world based on their imagination "by mixing the ones that are likely to have happened and the ones that actually happened." And even though it is a huge and complex world, Joong-ki believes that Arthdal would be understood by audiences the world over.

In Arthdal Chronicles, there are battles, and there are personal struggles. Take for example, Ji-won’s Tanya who has to embrace new responsibilities. She says, "She is going to arrive in that big city of Arthdal and [she is going to] adapt to the politics there, and will strive to earn the power there."

These are not the only things that viewers may find relatable. When asked which situations in modern times are similar to what's presented on the show, Ok-vin has this to say: "I read the script and it wasn't that different, that people had the desire and the will within themselves." According to her, the fights may be more physical back then, but now it usually happens in a cultured and civilized manner. "I think the part that is unchanging would be the hearts of the people," she finishes.

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Arthdal Chronicles is now streaming on Netflix.

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