My Chemical Romance Is Finally Reuniting: Here Are Their Best Songs for the Ultimate Throwback

Nope, emo was not just a phase.

( You don't live under a rock, but in case you do, allow us to keep you up to speed: American rock band My Chemical Romance (or MCR, as fans call them) is finally reuniting after a six-year hiatus. The band announced their reunion on October 31, and 19 days later, Gerard Way, Ray Toro, Mikey Way, and Frank Iero appear in their first photo together since the big announcement.


All the members, together again, in black and white.

Sure, that might make your emo heart beat with glee, and yes, you're probably scrambling to find some eyeliner to line your eyes with black to complete the 2000s look. While you're gearing up for their new music, we rounded up 10 of their best hits to remind you how great their songs were, in case you forgot. That, or you were looking for an excuse to play their songs nonstop. Regardless of your reason, we won't judge.

Here are 10 of My Chemical Romance's best songs to give you the ultimate throwback:

"Welcome to the Black Parade" (2006)

You hear the piano and you just know what song it is. You might not have been a young boy, but you sang along to every word anyway, as if your father really told you to be the savior of the broken, the beaten, and the damned. You tread a different path now and renounced your emo ways, but we argue you can always go back, especially when a song as unmistakable as this coaxes you back.

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"Teenagers" (2006)

"Teenagers" encapsulates how your youth's rebellious phase was like, filled with parents who don't understand, teachers making you stay in line, and society expecting you to stay in your box. Nothing screams generational anthem quite like this classic.

"Famous Last Words" (2006)

Parting is such sweet sorrow and often, getting left behind is painful as hell. Now you might argue that MCR's take on goodbyes is a bit too dramatic, but it did encourage you to get up and move on (even if you haven't gone through anything). Think of it, the next time you're alone and down in the dumps, you can always put on this song to make you feel like you're not afraid to keep on living.

"Helena" (2004)

The band was never afraid of tackling serious matters like isolation, intense emotions, and even loneliness. In this song's music video, MCR tackles saying goodbye to someone who has passed, with countless people attending the wake of a woman named Helena. You may have joked "Play MCR at my funeral," and you probably got inspiration from this song's music video. Hopefully, you won't have to say so long and good night too soon.


"The Ghost of You" (2004)

The song deals with loss and trauma, and of remembering comrades who are never coming home. Plus, who could forget this track's cinematic music video, which reportedly cost U.S. $1,000,000?

"I Don't Love You" (2006)

Perhaps the only thing more difficult than saying "I love you" is coming clean and finally saying you don't love someone anymore. You heard this years back and liked it, but you listen to it now and might have already lived it. We'd like to remind you this was released in 2008 but it still rings true for so many today. But hey, instead of lying to their face, it's best to tell them straight that you don't love them like you did yesterday.

"I'm Not Okay" (2004)

If you ever felt like you weren't cool enough, felt like you didn't belong, or just wanted to get by, then boy, this song spoke to your soul. For those who are lost and broken, this song pats you on the shoulder and tells you it's okay not to be okay.


"Na Na Na" (2010)

If you've ever imagined a badass roadtrip with the craziest adventures, this song's music video is for you. In this song, there are no rules, and you live life the way you want to. Getting away from your responsibilities is a daily temptation, and while you might not be permitted to do that, you can blast this on your earphones and pretend as you type the day away. See, even in adulthood, MCR just gets you.

"Sing" (2010)

Taking on a more futuristic feel, this more recent release from the rock band might be milder in sound compared to their earlier tracks, but it's still as rebellious as ever, encouraging you to take a stand and sing for all the folks who have been robbed of their voice. When the band tells you to fight and sing for a better tomorrow, you have to do it. MCR is the revolution, and they take making anthems seriously.


"Cancer" (2006)

If MCR has sung about saying goodbye to someone who has passed away, this song is from the perspective of someone bidding farewell to those still alive. The song makes references to cancer and sickness, but even without it, it's quite the bittersweet song about life and its brevity. The hardest part, indeed, is leaving behind the people you love.

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