Sheep, Space, and Aliens Cause Mischief in This Stop-Motion Film

Shaun the Sheep goes farther in this sequel.

( Stop-motion animation is no easy feat—you make the piece, take a photo, move a piece just a little bit, and take another photo. You do this hundreds, even thousands of times, just to get a few seconds of footage. Imagine how many times you'd have to do it to get a full-length film! Television series Shaun the Sheep is one of the notable products of stop-motion—claymation, to be specific—and Shaun and the gang don't need to try too hard to find an adventure on the Mossington farm. The mischeivous sheep even got his own Shaun the Sheep Movie, but it seems the world isn't big enough for him as Shaun and the flock are headed to space in the sequel Shaun the Sheep: Farmageddon.

Directed by Will Belcher and Richard Phelan, the sequel introduces an alien named Lu-La (voiced by Amalia Vitale) who lands on the farm and curiously goes around, messing with the sheep. Despite the trouble she causes, Farmer John (Chris Morrell) realizes he can make a space-themed amusement park called Farmageddon. Eventually, the Ministry of Alien Detection spots the signs of alien presence and stops at nothing to capture Lu-La. Fearing capture, Lu-La reveals her home planet to Shaun (Justin Fletcher), and listen, we know this is crazy enough as is, but the sheep and farm dog Bitzer (John Sparkes) devise a plan to bring her back where she came from.


Shaun the Sheep: Farmageddon premieres December 4 in cinemas nationwide.

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