Stream Our Planet, Vox's Explained, 13th + More Netflix Documentaries for Free

Brain cells shrivelling up as we enter the nth week of quarantine? Well, stay safe and hang in there! Jumpstart your neurons with 10 educational documentaries—which they've now put up on Netflix's U.S. YouTube account for free. Titles include a mix of films and series such as the critically acclaimed, Sir David Attenborough-narrated Our Planet series, the educational-slash-entertaining Explained series by Vox, the Oscar-nominated film, 13th, which tackles the U.S. criminal system, and much more.

Netflix made this content available to help out teachers across the globe. Varying levels of quarantines or lockdowns have been enacted in response to the COVID-19 pandemic—so these films and series will ideally help continue the beloved tradition of a good ol' classroom screening. And even if you're not a teacher or student, there's no reason to ever stop learning.

Additional educational materials have also been made available by the streaming platform. Each of the documentaries up on YouTube now have an accompanying discussion full of questions and resource materials on the official Netflix blog, free to access. Just note the ratings of each title if you'd like to watch with the young ones!

Available titles cover a wide range of subjects, from human society to the animal kingdom and everything in between. Those who love clicking on "next episode" can check out Abstract: The Art of Design, a series that tackles the ideas and how-tos behind the projects of some of the world's greatest design visionaries. Dive into a welcome bout of baby fever with Babies, a series filmed over three years that dives into the first 12 months of babies from across the globe.


Film fiends can check out Chasing Coral, a full-length feature that records the adventures of a group in turn recording our oceans most vital—and most fragile—resource. Knock Down the House takes a look into four women, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez included, and their grassroot campaign and dive into U.S. politics.

If you're more into short features, Period. End of Sentence, is a must-watch. It follows a group of women in the outskirts of Delhi, India, who learn to create, and sell, their own sanitay pads. The White Helmets follow a group of volunteer rescue workers risking all to savel lives in the turbulent areas of Syria and Turkey. And last but not least, Zion, is also a tale of resilience. It follows the life of Zion Clark, an orphan born without legs who eventually became a wrestler.

Main image from Jamie McPherson / Silverback/Netflix / IMDb

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