A "Perfect" Metro Manila Becomes Hunting Ground in This Jasmine Curtis-Smith Horror Movie

Here's where you can stream Midnight In A Perfect City.

(SPOT.ph) "T*nginang mga pulis 'to," so says one of the characters in the trailer for the 2020 QCinema horror entry Midnight In A Perfect World. And if that quote or title have made you intrigued, then you're in luck! The chilling, dreamlike movie is slated to stream on Upstream.ph beginning January 29. Check out the trailer below (just make sure your lights are on!).

Another horror movie

Directed by Dodo Yayao, the dark film follows four millennials in a seemingly perfect Metro Manila of the not-so-distant future. This ideal new society is marred by the strange blackouts that happen throughout the Metro on a nightly basis—in which people randomly get abducted and are never seen again. 

One way to ensure you don't become one of the "disappeared" is to stay in a house without windows, a.k.a. a safe house. This is where the four friends find themselves hiding after one of their own suddenly vanishes in the dark—only it seems they are not alone. Worse, it looks like the abductors may not even be human. Did you not see the strange burned-like creature in the trailer? Yeah, we're not sleeping tonight either. 

The movie stars Glaiza De Castro and Jasmine Curtis-Smith as two of the young folks set to discover what truly lurks in the dark. They are joined by Anthony Falcon, Dino Pastrano, and Bing Pimentel as the mysterious classy lady of the safe houses. 

You can book your tickets to the Midnight In A Perfect City premiere in advance through GMovies. They cost P200 each. Don't forget to make sure all the lights are on before watching!


Main image from Globe Studios / Midnight In A Perfect Sky

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