From Arjo Atayde to Paris Hilton: The Surefire Titles to Stream This Weekend

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( Friday's here! You know what that means: It is time to try and cram in as much fun stuff as you can before Monday comes crashing right back. It is our second weekend in ECQ Season We've-Lost-Track so Popcorn Pedro is going easy on us this week. If you can, try and take some time off to unwind with these fun titles. Stay safe, Spotters!

Put Popcorn Pedro's titles of what to watch on your weekend stream list:

Cooking With Paris

Where to stream: Netflix

Popcorn Pedro says: Nothing says "escapism" like watching a rich person's reality show. The heiress of the 2000s is back, and this time, she's cooking with her famous friends. That's it. Cooking but they're rich. That is basically all that goes down in these low-commitment, high-returns 20-minute eps. Hearing Paris Hilton say "That's hot. Literally." is the perfect, zero-cost laugh trip. 


The White Lotus

Where to stream: HBO Go

Popcorn Pedro says: A bunch of tourists at some idyllic seaside resort—with a bit of sinister happenings thrown in. Don't be fooled by the comedy and secondhand cringe of the trailer, this series goes down the murder-mystery route pretty fast. The White Lotus resort has welcomed a wild mix of tourists, and as their week-long stay unravels, so do the lines between staff and guest. 


Where to stream: Prime Video

Popcorn Pedro says: Finally. Kate Beckinsale sale has slipped back into another action role! We can now move on from Underworld. Or Serendipity. In this adrenaline-pumping ride, Beckinsale takes on the role of a woman with an anger management problem, if that anger management problem were on steroids. To handle her outbursts, psychologist Dr. Munchin (Stanley Tucci) gives her a device that you guessed it, gives her a jolt whenever she feels an attack coming on. The real main problem in this movie? Her lover explodes. Boom. Sending her on an explosively violent mission to figure out what happened. 

Recommended Videos


Where to stream: iWant, Netflix

Popcorn Pedro says: Sike! I couldn't give you a list without slipping in a wild card. Stop sleeping on Arjo Atayde's Benjo Malaya. This is the role he won Best Actor at the 2020 Asian Academy Creative Awards for—and the iWant Original series proves he deserves it. Malaya was an ordinary barber until he fell in with the bad crowd, and by bad crowd, I mean the Philippine government. And he's no anti-hero either. There's no one in this star-studded ensemble cast of characters you can trust, exactly like real life. The series may be rough around the edges at times, sure, but it is still one heck of a hard-hitting ride.


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