10 Exciting Titles Coming to Netflix This February

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(SPOT.ph) February is looking like a real steamy month—in terms of Netflix titles to stream at least. If you're looking for the next titles to put on your watch-list, we got your back with our monthly dose of stuff to stream on Netflix. This month, they're dropping a bunch of romantic stuff—from the cutesy to the steamy—and a horror title or two to round out the vibes. 


Put these 10 exciting titles on your Netflix Philippines watch-list for February 2022:

Through My Window

Release date: February 4

We know, we know—another psycho-thriller type thing with a window thrown in. But hey, this one's looking extra steamy. This Spanish-languag film is an adaptation of a Venezuelan teen novel which tracks a young girl's (mis)adventures with her neighbor from a different world.

Love vs Stars

Release date: February 9

Miles Ocampo stars as Luna, a stars-obsessed girl who gets played with by well, the stars, pretty much. Just when she decides to try things out with her BFF-turned-lover—much to the opposition of fate, she thinks—her ex-boyfriend pops back into her life. Stars Khalil Ramos and Kokoy De Santos as BF(minus one F) and ex-BF respectively.

ANNE + The Film

Release Date: February 11

Yet another steamy entry of people having way cooler lives than you. We feel you. In Amsterdam, a queer 20-something under pressure to finish her novel goes on a search for their life's purpose—yup, we can relate to that last bit too.

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Inventing Anna

Release date: February 11

Remember that supposed German heiress that managed to con the New York City upper crust in the 2010's? Yup, we're talking Anna Delvey (at least that's what she's known by). This drama miniseries from Shonda Rhimes takes a look into how she did it.

Love and Leashes

Release date: February 11

Oh yes, prime Valentine's Day content. This rom-com pits together two co-workers under a very distinct kind of contract—see teaser above for what kind. 

Twenty Five Twenty One

Release date: February 12

Na Hee Do (Kim Tae Ri) and Baek Yi Jin (Nam Joo Hyuk) are joining forces for this romantic series about two people whose lives are dramatically changed by the South Korean financial crisis. One is an aspiring fencer and the other is a hardworking young man seeking to rebuild his life. 

Forecasting Love and Weather

Release date: February 12


What happens when you make two opposites—one practical and the other a dreamer—work together? A whole lot of messy forecasts, in a manner of speaking. This office romance stars Song Kang and Park Min Young.

Devotion, a Story of Love and Desire

Release date: February 14

This steamy Italian title about infidelity ironically (depends on how you look at it) drops on V-Day itself. It tracks the rocky marriage of the once happy Carlo (Michele Riondino) and Margherita (Lucrezia Guidone) as doubt begins to creep in. 

Fistful of Vengeance

Release date: February 17

Sick of all the romantic vibes? How about this action-packed option—with a bit of the otherwordly mixed in. Serving as a movie follow-up to series Wu Assassins, this film sees the gang reunite in Bangkok to extract vengeance. 

Texas Chainsaw Massacre

Release date: February 18

The Texas Chain Saw Massacre (1974) has a direct sequel. Oh yes, nearly half a century later. Give your love month some proper horror vibes by reuniting with Leatherface, two friends in the wrong place at the very wrong time—and the woman hellbent on getting revenge for the massacre decades prior. 


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