Top 10 Pinoy Celebrity Sex Scandals

We list the Top 10 sex scandals involving Pinoy celebrities, both real and fake, spawned by rumors, videos not for public consumption and legal cases.


( Nothing drives the mob’s appetite for salacious news more than sex scandals that involve celebrities. At times, the mob isn’t even satisfied with leaked nude photos or "blind item" articles. Perhaps it’s because the Philippines has had quite a few sex scandals with lurid details or even more graphic evidence. We’ve compiled 10 sex scandals involving Pinoy celebrities, both real and fake, spawned by elaborate rumors that just won’t die down, videos that weren’t meant for public consumption, and explosive legal cases that didn’t quite get resolved.



Vilma Santos and Romeo Vasquez in the 1979 film Swing It Baby.


10. The "Betamax Queen" Issue

Scandal Status: Fake (Denied by party involved and no authentic evidence has surfaced.)

In the late 70s, a rumor went around that there was a Betamax tape that showed Star for All Seasons Vilma Santos and her then-boyfriend Romeo Vasquez (estranged husband of Amalia Fuentes and father of Liezl Martinez) in an intimate encounter. Santos was tagged as "Betamax Queen." A story noted: "It was later proven to be just a smear campaign against Vilma, when her business adviser Marichu Maceda dared that she [was] willing to give P1 million to anyone to who [could] give her the Betamax tape in question. No such Betamax tape came out." In another story, Santos herself said, "There was a time, na-tsismis pa na nagpakamatay ako dahil sa problema ko d’yan (I was rumored to have committed suicide because of that problem)...because of the Betamax issue. But again, you know, kapag alam mong hindi totoo, matapang ka, ’di ba (if you know it’s not true, you’re brave, aren’t you)?"


Luckily, Charito Solis got over the nasty rumor and went on to star in critically acclaimed films like 1968’s Igorota.


9. The Charito Solis-Mayor Arsenio Lacson Story

Scandal Status: Fake (May now be classified as an urband legend, no authentic evidence has surfaced.)

An article published in the FAMAS awards microsite discussed an issue that had hounded actress Charito Solis: "In 1962, what could be considered as the biggest unfounded rumor of her career struck: She was having an affair with Manila mayor Arsenio Lacson." Lacson served as Manila mayor from 1952 until the year he died. On April 15, 1962, Lacson died [of a heart attack] in his hotel suite. Rumor mills churned out that he was actually with actress Charito Solis and that he had the heart attack while they were in bed. The story was never verified.

Shaina Magdayao and John Lloyd Cruz were baffled by the nasty rumor.



8. The "Penis Captivus" Story

Scandal Status: Fake (Denied by parties involved and no authentic evidence has surfaced.)

In September 2010, a rumor went around that actress Shaina Magdayao and boyfriend John Lloyd Cruz were rushed to St. Luke’s Medical Center due to "penis captivus." A report cited the British Medical Journal, which described it as a condition where "spasm occurs during normal sexual intercourse and prevents the termination of the coital connection of the partners." Magdayao dismissed the rumor, saying : "I think it’s the most outrageous tsismis ever sa industriya natin! Masyado ho yata siyang nanonood ng Grey’s Anantomy (I think it’s the most outrageous rumor ever in the showbiz industry! The source of this rumor may have watched too many episodes of Grey’s Anatomy)." As celebrities, she said, they wouldn’t have gone to a hospital if the rumor was indeed true because the incident would have been leaked to the public. Likewise, Marilen Tronqued-Lagniton, vice president for customer affairs of St. Luke’s Medical Center-Global City, told The Philippine Star, "It’s totally untrue! They were seen at St. Luke’s walking to the nursery to visit John Lloyd’s cousin who gave birth."


Amanda Coling in her Showbiz Central interview.


7. Amanda Coling vs. the Philippine Azkals

Scandal Status: Alleged (Parties involved have different statements.)

In 2011, a model named Amanda Coling accused Philippine Azkals team members Neil Etheridge, Simon Greatwich, Jason Sabio, and Anton del Rosario of rape. The incident supposedly happened on June 2, 2011 during a party at the house of the team’s general manager, Dan Palami. The accused Azkals denied the allegation, while Coling’s lawyer, Atty. Apollo X.C.S Sangalang, sent a statement about the issue to the media. In the July 19, 2011 statement posted on GMA News Online, Sangalang noted: "(Coling) fervently hopes that the issue that involves her and certain individuals, will not be blown out of proportion, nor should it cause additional grief and harassment to her and to the others affected. Although she is a model and attracted to the limelight, it is never her intention to seek publicity at the expense of others. Neither did she speak out to cause divisiveness, or to promote negativity. What really happened on June 2, 2011, she would rather forget than remember."


Criselda Volks is now trying to live a quiet life.


6. The Criselda Volks Videos

Scandal Status: Real (Confirmed by party involved)

In late October 2008, the Net was abuzz with the fact that there were four video clips posted online showing sexy actress Criselda Volks and her boyfriend in an intimate moment. reported that in a November 2, 2011 episode of the The Buzz, Volks owned up to the videos. She simply disclosed, "Kami ’yon ng boyfriend ko ng five years. Kami ang magkasama, so automatically siyempre nagbi-video-han kami (That’s me and my boyfriend of five years. We’re together so automatically we take videos of each other)." Volks emphasized that the videos were not intended for public consumption and that she and her boyfriend were victims of an online leak.

Some may say that "scandal" is Ethel Booba’s middle name.


5. The Ethel Booba-Alex Crisano Video


Scandal Status: Real (Somewhat confirmed by at least one party who is directly involved.)

In 2005, a video clip surfaced of comedienne Ethel Booba stimulating herself, with her then boyfriend, basketball player Alex Crisano holding the cellphone used for filming the supposedly private scene. A Manila Bulletin Online article explained: "(The sex video leak) came about after Crisano had his cellphone repaired at a shop in Greenhills and the technician apparently saw (the clip). Crisano has reportedly threatened to get even with the technician." In the same article, Booba revealed that she suspected that Crisano’s reportedly estranged wife Michelle was behind the leak. Michelle dismissed Booba’s accusations but she went on The Buzz to confirm that it was indeed Crisano’s voice that could be heard on the video.

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