10 Thoughts on Robert De Niro's Visit to Manila

Yes, he's actually here!

(SPOT.ph) When City of Dreams officially opened to the public in February 2015, everyone was hoping for one of the celebrity heavyweights in the viral promotional ad to make an appearance. Flashforward to May 18, and it actually happened. Hollywood A-lister Robert De Niro is back in Manila to formally open Nobu Hotel in City of Dreams.


Here are 10 things you probably thought about his surprise visit to the country.



1. Vito Corleone!!!!!

Sorry, we just had to.


2. Who would win in a fight between him and Leonardo DiCaprio?

 We once bet on Leo, but De Niro looks like a tough guy to beat. Remember Raging Bull and Taxi Driver



3. Since we're on the topic of Mr. DiCaprio, where is he?!

We're still waiting for you, Leo...like we're waiting for your Oscar.


4. Then again, everyone would be more than happy with a movie starring the two of them.

Fun fact: Leo and De Niro were once co-stars in the 1996 film, Marvin's Room. It's time for a reunion!




5. Can said movie be directed by Martin Scorsese?

Scorsese has worked with both actors multiple times, but never with the two of them together...until that ad, anyway. In short: Take. Our. Money.

6. How long is he going to be here?!

Yes, we know Mr. De Niro is a very busy man and he's only here to promote Nobu Hotel, but hey, we can dream. It makes us happy to know we're (somewhat) breathing the same air.



7. How is he taking this ridiculous heat?

That blazer looks awfully stuffy.


8. Would he ever be interested in making a movie here?

Spoiler alert: He actually is. We've got our fingers crossed.



9. Maybe we'll just settle for keeping that boutonniere he's wearing.

The closest thing we'll ever get to an autograph.


10. Can we stay in the room where he slept?

Just kidding! Not really. Maybe his coolness will rub off on us...sort of.



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