The PEP List Year 2: 10 Most Scene-Stealing Outfits on the Red Carpet

From Vice Ganda to Rhian Ramos


( Stars flocked to the awarding ceremony of The Pep List last night, June 18, decked out in designer outfits and dressed to the nines. There was Kim Chiu with Xian Lim in matching black, and the glamorous Nadine Lustre with James Reid, but we zeroed in on the celebrities who stole our attention with their, er, anything-but-boring outfits on the red carpet.


Photos by Ryan Ong

Vice Ganda and the literal statement headdress

We're still trying to figure out what exactly is on Vice's head. A skull with wings? A bird? What's with all the beads? We have so many questions, but here's what we do know: It was a headdress to show his support for the protest against the Yulin Dog Meat Festival in China. We're big fans of supporting important causes.



BB Gandanghari's web of fashion

BB Gandanghari is giving us plenty of Morticia Addams vibes with her hair and lacey number. We're just not sure about the very visible camisole underneath.



Jennylyn Mercado's warrior look

At first we were a little confused, but it all made sense when we saw her shoes. We're guessing there she was going for a female gladiator vibe.



Margaux Medina in this selectively sheer number

Margaux may have been reporting from the red carpet, but we couldn't resist asking for a photo. Half-sheer and half-short, this dress is a schizophrenic's dream. 




Divine Lee looks ready to fly

Divine Lee's ensemble is the kind of outfit that needs to come with blowers at all times for added effect. Is anyone else getting Khaleesi vibes from it?



Sharlene San Pedro and those patterns

We give her plenty of props for having the courage to wear that color and pattern. You definitely wouldn't miss her in a crowd.



Gabbi Garcia in this dress-slash-pants combo

Maybe she took a leaf out of Emma Watson's book or she was trying to match pants with her date, Ruru Madrid, but either way, she definitely wasn't going to have a wardrobe malfunction.



Alice Dixson flutters in yellow

We can only hope that we look this good in a dress at 45. We'll say that again. 45.



Rhian Ramos goes undercover

We heard Rhian was wearing a corset dress under the trench coat, which really made us think of her as an undercover super spy. We're pretty sure she could hide all her cool gadgets under that coat.



Max Collins' reverse mermaid

Think of a gorgeous mermaid...then put the mermaid "scales" on top. 


Photos by Ryan Ong

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