James Reid, Nadine Lustre, Liz Uy + more celebrities fight to #StopTheHate

They're taking a stand against cyberbullying.


(SPOT.ph) Just hours after celebrity stylist Liz Uy filed multiple cases of libel against blogger Michael Sy Lim (who runs the gossip blog, Fashion Pulis), she took to her Instagram account to take a stand against cyberbullying with the hashtag #StopTheHate.



Other celebrities also joined in on the social media campaign, posting the same hashtag in their respective Instagram accounts. They include:


James Reid:

"Support fair and responsible journalism. Remember there are people who profit from your negativity and harmful rumors... and that's just messed up so... #StopTheHate."


Nadine Lustre:


"Let's all be responsible. No nega! #StopTheHate"


Paulo Avelino:


"Posting this in support of fair and responsible journalism and ethical behavior online."


Anne Curtis:


"In this time and age where everyone is so passionate about 'freedom of speech,' people seem to have forgotten the difference between freedom of speech and cyberbullying. I stand with [Liz Uy] as she makes a statement."



Georgina Wilson:


"Today I am proud of one of my best friends, [Liz Uy] for standing up for an issue that has gone ignored for far too long. As public figures we know that criticism comes with the job but that doesnt [sic] give anyone the right to constantly cyberbully and post hate perpetuating false stories. I have personally been victimized by this blog's malicious reporting and bashing as I'm sure many others have and it is time that we all take a [stand] and bring awareness to this unethical and negligent reporting. Be responsible with what you post and what you support online."

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Isabelle Daza:


"To support [Liz Uy], I will stand by her as I have witnessed these rumors being spread with my very own eyes and ears. Doing 'your job' by trying to bring down someone else's reputation is just wrong! Let's #StopTheHate."


Andi Eigenmann:


"Yes. We should never let anybody's hate, drama, and negativity stop us from being the best person we can be. But won't the world become a much better place if we just didnt [sic] have any of them at all? I've been a victim of cyberbullying one too many times. I never bothered, because I know myself better, and the people that love me, too. But it doesn't make this okay. Only love stops hate. Let's change our world."


According to a report from StyleBible.com, Isabelle Daza also testified against the blogger for grave slander, citing a dinner at the Peninsula Manila Hotel on October 28, where she allegedly heard the latter talking about Liz. "...We were sitting maybe five seats from him. He said something like, 'She made Maine wear a jacket that she wore two weeks ago. If you’re a stylist, why are you going to make [your client] wear something that you already wore?' I know this verbatim kasi habang sinasabi nya tine-text ko si Liz," she said.



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