10 Most Conflicted Reactions to Moira dela Torre's Marcos Fest Performance

Or Ilocano Millennial Night, depending on who you believe.

(SPOT.ph) If you've watched the hugot-filled Camp Sawi or the blockbuster hit that was Love You to the Stars and Back, then you've probably heard one of Moira Dela Torre's songs. The singer recently came under fire when she performed for an event called "Marcos Fest" in Ilocos Norte on September 15. Some users on the Internet called out the singer for performing for the Marcoses. Dela Torre defended herself, saying that she didn't know the event was called Marcos Fest as she was told that the event was called "Ilocano Millennial Night."

In a tweet, she says, "From the earlier reminders til before we got there, they addressed it as the Ilocano Millenial (sic) Night. Not once was his name brought up. So let me be clear about this: I performed for the people of Ilocos and NOT for Marcos." 

Another user brought up a screenshot of Dela Torre's since-deleted tweet about President Duterte. "While I do believe President Duterte can still improve his speeches, I also believe that God did not make him our leader by accident," she says. Dela Torre again explains her side, saying she didn't know any better at the time. She also declares that she isn't a supporter of Marcos. "This Marcos Fest was supposed to be called I-Millenial (sic) Fest. I AM NOT A MARCOS APOLOGETIC (sic). Never will I be."

Dela Torre claims that the producer of the event didn't inform her team that the event was organized for Marcos. 

But the organizer of the event, Aian Raquel, refuted Dela Torre's claims on a Facebook post. "Nobody tricked you, Moira Dela Torre. You knew that the event was called 'Marcos Fest,' at the very least posters were up even before you flew to Laoag. Don't make it seem like we lied to get you to perform. Ask your agent and your manager about it and please, don't blame the 'producers.'"


The Internet seemed to be divided about the issue. Some sided with Dela Torre and believed her explanation of what happened—or at least, gave her the benefit of the doubt.

Others dug up what is supposedly proof that the singer knew it was called "Marcos Fest" as she liked Facebook posts about the event. Marcos supporters attacked her for declaring that she herself isn't a supporter. Meanwhile, those who are anti-Marcos called her out for hugging and performing with Governor Imee Marcos beside her.

Some wanted to bring up what the real issue is amid all the miscommunication and confusion.

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Dela Torre has yet to issue an official statement regarding the matter.

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