The Internet "Fiasco" Isn't Over: Is It Liza Soberano's Fault She Got Special Treatment?

She tweeted a huge sorry in behalf of your crappy Internet service provider.

PHOTO BY Twitter and Instagram / Liza Soberano ILLUSTRATION War Espejo

( So, quick recap: Liza Soberano, primetime actress and 2017's most beautiful face awardee, called out her Internet service provider publicly on Twitter on Sunday, September 6, and the very next day, a different provider swooped in and fixed things—with a 300 MBPS speed to boot. Unsurprisingly, the entire fiasco had all the other paying customers up in arms over the alleged unfair treatment, especially since we're all so used to waiting days or even weeks to get a reply from them.


Still, the new Twitter queen of sass Soberano wasn't about to ignore the suspiciously fast service she got. With everyone online pointedly using the speedy service she got as a comparison point for their own experiences, Soberano tweeted a huge sorry—and then proceeded to call out Internet service providers yet again. 

Soberano acknowledged the folks who found her tweets insensitive, saying, "I’m sorry your telecommunications provider isn’t taking care of your problems." Because, really, we've got our fingers crossed that providers take this as a lesson on how to treat all their customers.

Soberano then called out "all the Internet providers" to basically do their job. She pointed out that Internet connection is now "essential," with everyone, from employees to students, and more just "trying to survive."

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Soberano ended her thread with a final reminder for providers to "treat your customers fairly, no matter who they are." Adding with a figurative mic drop, "Okay that's all on this Internet fiasco. Bye."

Meanwhile, people got in on the mixed bag of reactions, of course. There's a lot to take from this random Twitter debacle, and whether you think Soberano is the issue here or the Internet service providers are, or that it even landed on your feed, for some godforsaken reason, is up to you. Check out the tweets below!


Twitter Liza isn't here for your attitude.

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