Coleen Garcia Opens Up About Her Recovery and Billy Crawford May Just Be Husband of the Year

Garcia posted some updates on being a new mom on her IG!

PHOTO BY Instagram / Billy Crawford ILLUSTRATION War Espejo

( It has only been a few days since Mr. and Mrs. C's—a.k.a. Coleen Garcia and Billy Crawfordbaby Amari finally arrived, water-birth style, and we already can't wait for more updates! Garcia recently took to her Instagram stories to open up about her journey as a first-time mom to baby son Amari. She offered up some real talk on her post-partum recovery and thanked her husband, Crawford, for being every bit the partner she needs. Talk about #CoupleGoals! 

PHOTO BY Instagram / Coleen Garcia

Garcia admitted that though she knew recovering from giving birth to a whole new human being and learning to breastfeed was no easy feat, "I never anticipated how hard it would be to go through both at the same time." It has been less than a week since she gave birth, so we can imagine how tough it must be! The couple opted for a water birth at home and was helped by a  "a midwife (plus a nurse) and a doula," she wrote for

As for what's sure to be a ton of well-wishers and congratulatory messages, Garcia wrote about how "grateful" they are for them—but it's clear her hands are a little too full to reply right now. "I'm so sorry I haven't been able to get to anyone yet," she wrote. Her recovery and baby Amari are definitely top priority.

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She also took the time to offer the sweetest shout-out to her husband, Crawford. "I'm at my most vulnerable right now," she wrote, but thankfully, her hubby has "been on another level, taking care of both me and Amari." She added "Thank [you] for always speaking life into me."


Meanwhile, Crawford has taken to Instagram as well to gush about his two loves. He even gave folks a sneak peek into an intimate moment of Garcia breastfeeding their baby! "I'm so thankful for what you've done and sacrificed and continue to recover from," he wrote for his wife. Anyone else who can't wait for more sweet moments from this little family?

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