"Don't Let Anyone Dictate Your Pace," Says Angel Locsin

Yes, she's slimmer now, but that wasn't the point of her post.

angel locsin
PHOTO BY Instagram / Angel Locsin ILLUSTRATION War Espejo

(SPOT.ph) Angel Locsin posted a low-key body positivity reminder on her Instagram recently, but it seems her original message may have gotten lost in the online explosion that followed. So she followed it up with another post—complete with an incredibly adorable picture of a smiley face on her tummy pouch! With almost everyone focusing on her now-slimmer figure, Locsin reminded everyone that "pressure did not and will not help," acknowledging that what she is going through is a process. "I will not let anyone dictate my pace," Locsin said. 

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Angel Locsin pens strong follow-up message to her body-positivity IG post.

angel locsin
PHOTO BY Instagram / Angel Locsin

Locsin earlier posted a set of mirror selfies with the simple caption, "Remember to love every inch of you." That was arguably the first time the actress and philanthropist directly acknowledged her body image—a big topic online in June 2020, when she was dubbed a body-postivity champ by the Internet. 

In her follow-up post, Locsin talked more about her current journey. She cheekily clarified that her mirror selfies were helped by knowing how to pose, "so for those struggling to lose that extra weight, please don’t feel pressured."

"Pressure did not and will not help. Just take your time. Your body, your rules. Just don’t forget to love every inch of you in the process, no matter what other people may say," Locsin wrote. She explained that she's been fighting weight gain for years, so she knows how it feels. "You are more than your weight or how you look. What’s important is how you feel and think of yourself. Shine. Don’t let the perception of others dim your light. I know you are trying. I know it’s hard. I understand."

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angel locsin
PHOTO BY Instagram / Angel Locsin

Locsin explained that she was was able to lose some weight by trying new things to take care of her health. "I feel good now," she wrote, and will be sharing more specifics about her journey "When I’m more confident na."

"But this is not without struggles and bumps. I will not let anyone dictate my pace," she wrote. "I am looking forward to what I can achieve in the next [three] months or so." 

She ended her caption with what seems to be a message to her own body: "Love you, fats and all." 

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