How is cross-dressing like smoking?

Aruba management's refusal to let BB Gandanghari into their establishment has raised a few eyebrows, but they chalk it up to a simple matter of choice, saying: "SKIN COLOR or RACE is not a choice, but cross-dressing is. We should respect everyone's choice, and for that, we should also respect the choice of the ARUBA management. Aruba is not the only establishment to go to for a night out, anyone can always go somewhere. I am not transphobic, I respect everyone, straight, gay, rich, poor, black, white, brown, yellow, but also be educated enough to respect some establishments' policies. You wouldn't want anyone smoking in a NON-SMOKING place, right? And don't tell me that my last statement is totally different from the issue. PEACE EVERYONE! :D" BB's reply: Sir, I do appreciate your opinion. Indeed, Skin Color or Race is not a choice. And certainly you got it right about bars banning "Smokers" inside their bar. But let me just clarify different things. First, I'm not crossdressing. I'm not a man wearing women's clothes. I'm a woman wearing women's clothes. What I am right now is not a product of "choice" akin to choosing what food I want to eat. This is a product of self-discovery and whatever I discover is not a choice. You'll know this if you have gone through the wonderful experience of discovering your inner life. What I am right now is a manifestation of what's inside of me. Second, smoking is banned inside the bars because there's a law banning it and it is medically proven that passive smoking is much more dangerous than active smoking. Now Sir, Is it scientifically proven that my presence, or the presence of human beings like me, will in danger the health of other customers? And third, believing in a particular faith, holding a particular political belief, are also considered choices. YET you cannot discriminate people based on their faith and political beliefs. Can you allow the existence of a bar that will refuse entry to their customers because of their religion or political beliefs? NO. And with this, I rest my case. That's all. Love & Peace, BB Team BB or Team Aruba? Read the whole story on Excerpts from BB Gandanghari's profile page on
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