"Sex videos diminish us all" –Jo-Ann Maglipon

h_joann "With every second these videos are viewed, a human being is violated, and that, with each violation, the entire human race is diminished just that little bit more," writes Yes! magazine and Pep.ph editor-in-chief Jo-Ann Maglipon in her Pep blog. More excerpts from her post: "...the only reason we distress over women in these videos is because we think they're cheap. We see them as beneath us. They give us a bad name. We fancy ourselves never getting caught up in something like this. From our safe little worlds, we think we're above it all. Wrong! In the first place, why should making love be beneath us? What's abhorrent about lovemaking? As to never getting caught up with love and lust–why, that'd be totally missing out on one really robust human experience! And if we actually place ourselves above all physical intimacy–not as vocation and choice, but as issue of distaste for the act–that must be when our hearts are shriveled, like sun-dried prunes." "Back-ending this ugliness is our double standard of morality. We've heard this line to death, but it was true then and it's true now. We're not distressed just by sex as a subject, we're especially distressed by it when it involves women. We're also idiotic enough to think that men lose nothing, even if they're the studs in the sex video and never agreed to perform for strangers. We just assume the men score. We just know the women are ruined." Read her entire post here.
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