Tweets of the Week: Tim Yap, Katy Perry + more

Mo Twister sniffs his butt-scented hand, Pia Magalona talks foreskin and Paolo Coelho congratulates Manny Pacquiao.

Tim Yap

Mo Twister, DJ: i picked the underwear out of my butt when i woke up this morning. then sniffed my hand. twice. i did the double sniff. sweet.
- i remember when lolit solis said, ’manny, ang yaman yaman mo na, di ka na mukhang snatcher.’ hahaha crazy lolit.

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Sarah Meier-Albano, VJ and model: [Am I the only one ’Moleskin’ sounds foul to?]
Pia Magalona, celebrity mom: @smeieralbano Maybe bec u associate Moleskin w foreskin bwehehe :)
Sarah Meier-Albano: @piamagalona *gasps* *feigns shock* *winks*

Quark Henares, director: youtube comment on our video: ’that must be dr. vicki belo’s he gay?’ so what is it guys?!th waving arms or th mad bboy dance moves?

Tim Yap, businessman and partyphile: Ralph and Vi both have left Lakas for LP, now both on Noynoy and Mar’s side. Noy-Mar has the 4 Aces: Kris-Korina-Sharon-Vilma. Is this it?

Gabe Mercado, comedian: Making up politically incorrect jokes about the Comelec. Which I can’t post. Haha.

Drew Arellano, actor: Sayang lang talga that GIBO is running under the admin.

Paolo Coelho, best-selling author: To all Filipinos here, congratulations for Pacquiao (BTW I already have my tkts for Klitschko vs Johnson on Dec 11)


Julius Babao, broadcaster: It takes strength of character and solid moral ground to avoid falling in2 temptation, lalo na if ur Manny na billionaire na at sikat pa!

Lady Gaga, singer: Seems as though my twitter was hacked yesterday. I could be angry, except I secretly love how psychotically smart my fans are.

Katy Perry, singer: I have Manila all over my face. Yum.
Dear driver, u think u just got away with a silent vomitous FART in the car BUT unbenounced to u I just put u on blast on my twitter. Booya.
- - my butt is getting big just looking at it.

Artwork by Warren Espejo.

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