Friendster vs. Facebook

Friendster is back with an all-new look. Will it be enough to attract users away from Facebook? Let the Friendster vs. Facebook war begin!

The new Friendster.

Isn’t Friendster dead? Apparently not. Friendster just got a major facelift that’s got us seeing green. But since people have hopped on board the Facebook wagon, is there any hope for its revamped contender? gives you the tale of the tape.

We’re #1! In Asia! (According to their research) The rest of the world! (According to this site)
Birthday March 22, 2003 February 4, 2004
Claim to fame "We started it all." "We stole their users."


Graffiti Green

Boxed-up Blue

Die-hard users Teens who have a habit of taking bedroom self-portraits with their camera phones People obsessed with new apps, wall postings, and ogling other users’ profiles
Celebrity users Every celeb on the planet... at least we think it’s them We "friend" them but they never "friend" us back.

In schools nationwide

In Syria, China, Iran, and Vietnam
Our favorite feature Testimonials! Quizzes, Farmville, Restaurant City, Mafia Wars, Flixter, Graffiti, way too many to mention.
Mostly used for Hooking up with creepy strangers Anonymous stalking
Why we love it Emergency contact book
Anonymous stalking
Why we hate it h8? H!nD! N@m@N p0h! It’s almost as addictive as crack

According to Ben Dunn, Vice President and Global Head of brand experience, the new Friendster is simple, fun, and geared for the Asian Youth (aged 14 to 24). Its new features, like the Shout Outs, Wallet, Treasure chest, Gift shop, and Games, just to name a few, were all made to cater to their users’ preferences. "We want them to be able to customize and express themselves freely. We want to make sure that we’re the favorite site of Asian youth."

Facebook’s apps, games and quizzes make it a favorite time-consumer.


You can check out the new and improved Friendster here.

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