Tweets of the Week: Ruffa Gutierrez, Rico Blanco + more

Rico Blanco says Gibo Teodoro stole his song, Mar Roxas goes to war and Ruffa Gutierrez plays "deadma" to a tricycle driver.

Ruffa Gutierrez

Mar Roxas, senator and vice presidential candidate: looking forward to playing modern warfare 2 (paolo’s xmas gift, haha) after family dinner. Happy new year everyone!

Singer/songwriter Rico Blanco on presidential candidate Gibo Teodoro using his song "Posible"
- i’d like to understand how can a presidentiable can overlook a simpe matter such as intellectual property. command responsibility.
- to be fair, he is on my very short list. so i hope things get sorted out. he seems to be smart and all.
- ok finally saw it. very nice ad. but wow. they even copied my singing/voice. so it cant be that they just werent aware i existed. sakitsaulo
- relax lang tayo sa comments. lets not write him off yet. give benefit of the doubt. ako lang naman nag c-clarify so u all know the deal.


Ruffa Gutierrez, beauty queen, host and actress: Loving the whole island experience! Taking a tricycle back 2 the resort. Driver gets cozy n asks "Mam akala ko kasama nyo si ****". Deadma!

Maxene Magalona, actress: Sad that I won’t get to spend d 1st day of 2010 w u. Scared bec this might mean dat for d rest of d yr, things will be different between us.

Champ Lui Pio, vocalist of Hale: Thank you to everyone who followed me. I will be deleting this account it’s part of how I plan to start the year right. Happy New year! : )

Tweet exchange between real life sweethearts actress Megan Young and Ateneo Blue Eagle Nico Salva:
Young: @nicosalva is my idol. superstar kasi :D
Salva: @meganbata is a shinning STAR!
Young: @nicosalva is kinikilig

Ramon Bautista, comedian: kunyari ikaw si madame auring, ano ang love vibrations mo for 2010?

Quark Henares, director:
- at the end of each year i always make a personal essay reviewing th year that just finished called "the year **** in two pages single...
- ...spaced size 12 font".10 years na ’to. this is th first year i’ve gone beyond 2 pages.also, reviewing 2009 was apparently not a good idea.

Lia Cruz, sportscaster: THIS IS PRICELESS. at a family reunion in alabang. There are two nuns here playing hep hep hooray.

Artwork by Warren Espejo.

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