The Philippines is "Pedo Heaven," "Golddigger Hotspot," says Encyclopedia Dramatica

Encyclopedia Dramatica, a well-known free-post website that satirizes common encyclopedia topics, pop culture trends, and current events, describes the Philippines as 'Pedo Heaven,' since it has become "a hotspot for gold diggers and pedophilia."

The website makes light of the Philippines' history, language, religion, economy, and other aspects that are normally covered in Wikipedia. In history, for example, Lapu-Lapu and other original Filipino settlers were called "friendly ape species," which were so magnetized by the glamor of Magellan. It also downplayed the Bataan Death March as a simple 100-lap jog around the Bataan High School track.

Other notable jabs at Filipinos include hobbies which were listed as "eating dogs, having sexual intercourse with dogs, acting like black people, working overseas, and having sex while playing DOTA–a multiplayer videogame that is usually played in internet shops."

Aside from being depicted as a nation swarming with gangster wannabes, the webpage also described the economy as one that promotes underage sex tourism. It stated that the Philippines has several child sex camps where "innocent men" are "forced" to copulate with underaged girls and are "made" to pay right after.

Although intentionally mean, some of the entries actually hold a semblance truth. In religion, for example, it depicts the country as a generally Catholic nation which prioritizes Christmas and the observance of the Lenten season. It gives the yearly crucifixion in Pampanga as an example of some of the extremes we Filipinos take as an act of pilgrimage.

The site also includes some notable defamatory photos and clips which have spurred past controversy. One clip, for example, is of Teri Hatcher's dialogue in Desperate Housewives, where her character questions the Filipino health care system.

Encyclopedia Dramatica screencap


The Philippines isn't the only country with a scathing entry though. In fact, the site has hundreds of not-so-flattering "wikis" ripped off the pages of Wikipedia. USA has been called the "Jewnited States of Americunts," while Germany has been reduced to a flashing swastika, mocking the Nazi reign. But since we Filipinos are known to both laugh at ourselves and get pikon when offended, wants to know: What's your take on this?

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