Marlene Aguilar says she's not insane but a genius; tags bodyguard in Ebarle murder

In a live interview with Boy Abunda on The Buzz on January 24, Marlene Aguilar, mother of road rage murder suspect Jason Ivler, dispelled doubts about her sanity and said that their bodyguard might have been responsible for the shooting and death of Renato Ebarle Jr. last November.

"I don't feel," she responded when asked how she was doing at the moment, "I tried to feel like I don't feel. I'm just floating through life right now, waiting, wondering why this is happening to me [and] to my family… I believe that everything happens for a grand reason. I believe that there are greater forces up there… I humble myself to the will of God. There's a reason why this is happening."

Aguilar looked calm throughout her conversation with Boy Abunda, despite some points where she seemed deeply emotional when asked about her son. Early in the interview, she recounted her most recent conversation with Jason:

"I said to him, 'If I go, if I lose you, I don't know life without you. I'll never know anyone like you.' Tapos sabi niya [then he said], 'But we will never be apart. I will never leave your side no matter what happens. It will just be my body that they will take away from you. I will remain with you forever… He believes that his death will give me strength, you know? He is the price I pay for being the kind of person that I am."

When asked about the National Bureau of Investigation's (NBI) allegations against her son, Aguilar vaguely implied that her son is innocent and that their bodyguard may have had something to do with the killing:


"I have a bodyguard, Mark Hauser. He's British... He has access to everything. He has access to the car. He has access to, if there is a gun there, he has access... I found out that he was not home that evening. Bumalik siya, umaga na, lasing na lasing. [He was very drunk when he came back the following morning]… He even told me, he said, 'Ma'am I'm going to ask someone in England to send me 5,000 dollars to put in your account because I look like Jason. I might need a lawyer also.'"

As for the NBI's claim that she's only covering up for her son's crime, she responded, "Karapatan po nilang isipin 'yun [It's their right to think that]." She continued by saying that she would fight them in court not only for the sake of her son but also "for the Philippines."

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In a recent interview with DZMM's Julius Babao and Christine Bersola-Babao, Aguilar defended herself from scathing comments about her sanity by saying, "We are genius[es], borderline insanity. My intelligence is way above most people. Does that make me insane?"

She supported this statement on the Buzz by claiming that it's factual. "Most people have average minds… Geniuses are borderline insane. You know what I'm saying? But it doesn't make you insane. You are not understood. When people do not understand you they think you're insane. How do you make somebody who's seven years old understand algebra? It's the same thing."

"I have published eleven to twelve titles defending Philippine art and culture. All my books are about art and culture because I believe that is the soul of our nation. I believe that our problem in the Philippines is not money but our soul… I have received awards and citations both local[ly] and international[ly]. So 'yung mga tumatawag po sa akin ng baliw, gusto ko lang pong malaman [to those people who are calling me crazy, I want to know] what [they have] done for the country recently... If the Filipino people see that as insane, then let it be."


Late last week, Aguilar said that she would not apologize to the Ebarles stating that it is "the choice of heaven." She replied in the same tone when Abunda asked her for a message to the victim's family:

"Everything happens under the will of heaven. If I lose Jason tomorrow, if he dies tomorrow, you will find the same peace through my eyes. We are only instruments here. We are instruments of God. We are instruments of higher forces. You and I do not decide who lives or dies."

Likewise, Abunda asked her for a message to her son. Aguilar, again, became emotional as she spoke. "Jason, the whole world could turn upside down. I love you, always, every minute of the day, and nothing could ever change that."

As for a message to her critics, she said that she would pray for them to stop the hating.


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