Sen. Pimentel angers Mar Roxas with "insertion" joke, calls Jamby "abused child"

In what seemed like a playground squabble during a Senate chamber debate on Senator Manny Villar's alleged unethical conduct on January 25, senators resorted to trash talk and sexual innuendos causing tensions to flare, reports the Inquirer.

The highlight of the verbal debacle was   Sen. Pimentel's response to Sen. Roxas, who said "I have no insertion of the matter." Pimentel said, "Well, I'm sure that after your marriage you've had some insertions."

An offended Sen. Roxas shouted,   "I demand that that be removed from the record!" shouted Roxas,"This is an affront to my wife!" Sen. Pimentel concurred.

According to GMA News, Sen. Villar was not present in the session and implied that the committee was only out to censure him. Sen. Jamby Madrigal was quoted by ABS-CBN News saying that Sen. Villar was "making a mockery of proceedings by not appearing and letting [a] choo-choo train of lawyers defend him." She also stated that the accused senator was a coward, reports GMA News.

Sen. Pimentel belittled her statement when he told Sen. Madrigal they should be using parliamentary language in the senate and even jibed, "At least I'm not an abused child," according to the Inquirer.

A miffed Sen. Madrigal responded by shouting, "Ang issue dito (The issue here is) corruption! Corruption! Corruption!"

A report of the Senate Committe of the Whole said Villar supposedly allotted an additional P200 million from the 2008 national budget to fund the re-routing of his C-5 project, according to ABS-CBN News. The said re-routing was supposedly done to increase the real estate values of Sen. Villar's properties along the new extension.


Sen. Madrigal, put off by Sen. Pimentel's quips, addressed Sen. Villar and the other members of the minority and told them to file charges against her if they think she's corrupt, reports GMA News. Sen. Cayetano responded to this by joking, "Ang problema sa salimpusa gusto laging kasali siya (The problem with an uninvited playmate is that she always wants to be part of the game)."

Sen. Villar said about his no-show at the Senate, "Anytime naman handa akong sagutin iyan. Pero sa labas, sa tao, kasi dito sa committee wala naman akong nakikitang magkakaroon ako ng katarungan [I can respond to the charges anytime. But I'll do it outside, before the people, not before the committee, because I don't think I can get justice there],"

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In defense of Villar, Sen. Alan Peter Cayetano said that Villar need not show up for the session since he would be "facing a biased audience." Sen. Cayetano also pointed out that even though Sen. Villar is being put under scrutiny other senators, like Sen. Benigno "Noynoy" Aquino Jr., were also guilty of having similar ethical issues, reports GMA News.

Sen. Mar Roxas came to his running mate's defense stating that it would be unfair to implicate Sen. Aquino when the session was supposed to be about Sen. Villar and his alleged unethical conduct. He also reaffirmed his and his partner's stance against corruption saying, "Ang tinatayuan namin ni Senador Noynoy Aquino, laban kami sa baluktot, laban kami sa tiwali, laban kami sa kurakot. Laban kami sa pang-aabuso ng ng kapangyarihan para sa pansariling interes. Iyon po ang ipinaglalaban namin. Ang aming party stand, consistent po iyan. [Senator Aquino and I are against corruption. We are against the misuse of power to serve personal interests. That's what we're fighting for. It's consistent with our party's stand.]"


To this, Senate Minory Leader Aquilino Pimentel Jr. responded by telling Sen. Roxas to stop politicking. "Ang nadinig natin hindi lang interpellation e kundi kampanya. [What we heard wasn't only an interpellation, but a campaign.] You are expected to lead by example."

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In an effort to calm his fellow senator, Jinggoy Estrada told the senate that Sen. Villar should be more like his father, former president Joseph Estrada. "Tutal lahat naman ginagaya na niya, ginaya niya ang kulay namin, ginaya niya ang maka-masa… Lahat po ginaya na niya. Bakit hindi pa niya gayahin na sagutin niya punto por punto ang lahat ng akusasyon laban sa kanya dito po sa loob ng Senado at huwag po siyang pupunta sa media?

[Anyway, he has copied our campaign color, our pro-poor stance… He has copied everything. Why can't he answer point by point the accusations hurled against him in the Senate without going to the media?]"

Sen. Cayetano questioned the entire meeting stating that some of his fellow senators may only be using the issue as part of their electioneering strategies. He asked why the matter was even being tackled in the senate when it should be properly settled in the court of law.

"As a general rule, hindi hinuhusgahan at hindi hini-hearing o hindi inaakusahan ang kapwa senador... Meron tayong korte, may civil courts at may ibang mga parties na sinasabi ng Konstitusyon at ng batas na dapat haharap. [As a general rule, you don't judge or accuse your colleague or put him on trial… We have courts and other parties where he could face trial as mandated by the Constitution]," quotes GMA News.


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