Tweets of the Week: All About Abstinence

What do celebrities say they're giving up Lent? Ice cream, bagoong, and er, sex...


Lea Salonga
Lea Salonga

Lea Salonga, Tony-Award-winning actress: And the Lenten Season begins today. I'll be giving up dessert. I already gave up coffee and soda, so this is the next logical sacrifice.

Bubbles Paraiso, model and actress: alcohol :)

Sarah Meier-Albano, model and former MTV VJ: I can't do bacon. It's Lent. First Muslims, and Catholics now too.

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Divine Lee, model and real estate heiress: Lent season- I'm giving up mangoes n bagoong. I eat that EVERY merienda. Cheap thrill but I really really love it.

Saab Magalona, actress: I just ate tocino. Si yaya kasi nakalimutan na ash wednesday... OK I FORGOT TOO. No more meat after this. Mastercleanse, come on!!!

Ala Paredes, artist: Lenten sacrifice: will check Twitter only once a day, and only to know about plans with friends. Same with Facebook.

Sanya Smith, VJ:
- Lent approaches!...thinking of giving up ice cream. or sex?
- or CHEESE!..thats not gonna be easy..HELLO TORTURE!

Gang Badoy, Rock Ed founder:
- *Rrrring* Mom: Hi Gang! It's Ash Wed, what will u give up for Lent?/ Gang: Um./ Mom: Something u like & can sacrifice./ Gang: The rosary.
- "It's not gvng up if u haven't been using, ingesting, doing it anyway," my Mom sd, "think again."
- Instd of giving up maybe I'll just do more. Like take my Mom to the movies more... :)


Gabe Mercado, comedian: I am giving up MTV Philippines for Lent.

Michelle Branch, singer: I'm gonna give up being Catholic for Lent, oh and meat.

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