VIDEOS: Ruffa-Kris verbal exchanges on The Buzz: Playful banter or otherwise?

In the latest development of the alleged pambabara hullabaloo between Kris Aquino and Ruffa Gutierrez, Aquino cried on The Buzz on March 14, when Gutierrez was a no-show for her supposedly last episode, mostly for the showbiz issue crossing over to political mudslinging, affecting her only brother Noynoy Aquino's campaign for presidency.

All the waterworks and drama started with Aquino's comment ("Ruffa, aminin mo, ibang level ang saya dito") on the March 7 episode of The Buzz, which she claimed was said "with affection." Gutierrez' mother, Annabelle Rama claimed the opposite, saying that Aquino always embarrassed and interrupted Gutierrez on the show, reports

Apologies have been made by both parties and it seems like all's well on both fronts. Just for old times' sake, backtracked a little and found some Youtube videos where Aquino and Gutierrez exchange words in their trademark high-pitched decibels on The Buzz. Playful banter or otherwise? You be the judge.

Time stamp: 03:59 to 04:18
Ruffa: Teka lang, wala akong opinion. Hello, mag-co-commercial break na, can I give my opinion?
Kris: Thank you, Friday's, Italianni's and Fish & Co. 'Di ba they gave us a lot of things?
Boy: Anton and Ronnie Henares, maraming salamat. Go ahead, go ahead (gestures to Ruffa).
Ruffa: Alam mo, hindi na lang ako mag-o-opinion.
Boy: We will listen to your opinion.
Ruffa: No, ano na lang, change is good. It's good to be paired with other partners.

Time stamp: 04:02 to 04:52
Kris: Ngayon, I can be super honest. Na-encourage akong pumayat at kinarir ko ang pag-ma-Marie France dahil naturally slim ka (Ruffa).
Ruffa: At least 'di ba, I helped you. Yey!
Kris: Yeah! Sinabi ko sa sarili ko, kung every Sunday tatabi ako kay Ruffa tapos magmumukhang tiyahin niya, 'wag naman.
Ruffa: Sobra ka naman!
Kris: No, I'm just being honest! That's why because of you and because of Buzz, I honestly, eto po ha, 10 pounds ang na-lose ko.
Ruffa: In fairness naman sa'yo Kris, I'm always on my toes if you're there kasi magaling ka tsaka minsan nilalaglag mo 'ko.
Kris: Oy, kakasabi mo lang the other time I can keep secrets na.
Ruffa: Actually, in fairness.
Kris: O bawiin mo 'yung sinabi mong nilalaglag kita.
Ruffa: O sige, 'di mo 'ko nilalaglag. Before, before.


Time stamp: 05:37 to 05:53
Kris: Ikaw, ayaw mo magpaputi kasi katabi mo ako?
Ruffa: No, I like being dark.
Kris: No, you like MET so you like fair skin.
Ruffa: Okay, fine.
Kris: Okay!

Just before the segment ends, Kris adds: You don't like being dark.

Time stamp: 00:00 to 00:39
Ruffa: In any relationship, you either accept the guy or accept the person with all his nuisances and everything o kaya iwanan mo na lang.
Kris: I'll argue lang with Ruffa shortly. You'll also change. Ako ha--
Ruffa: Not all people change.
Kris: Hindi… Quiet na ako.
Ruffa: How come Yilmaz didn't change?
Kris: No, I'm just saying. Ako, I'm trying to adjust. I'm trying my best and I see my husband is also trying to adjust. I'm trying to be a little more quiet. Trying 'di ba?

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