Tweets of the Week: Nikki Gil, Rico Blanco + more

Rico Blanco refuses <em>wangwang</em> escorts, Nikki Gil submits her <em>Glee</em> audition video, and Drew Arellano meets Manny his dream.

Nikki Gil

Gabe Mercado, comedian: I spotted 5 grammatical errors in the Urban Dictionary Jejemon entry. You have a traitor in your ranks, Jejebusters.

Lola Techie a.k.a. Lola Tessie Moreno, star of Bayan Telecommunications DSL commercials: Huwag agad husgahan na ang isang tao ay isang jejemon-baka sira lang ang keyboard niya! pEaCexZ pUh ! :)

Ces Drilon, broadcast journalist: @1rgcruz frankly I don’t like the wholesale ridicule being made of [jejemons].

Mo Twister, TV and radio host: I’m in GMA, hosting Startalk today. Lolit Solis wears mens underwear, it’s awesome.

Nikki Gil, singer and actress: Just finished uploading my glee audition video. Can’t believe I did it! Heehee. Well, gotta run after the dream. ♣ thanks @samuelmilby (Sam Milby) for the tip!

Lea Salonga, Tony-Award-winning actress: Ladies and gentlemen, my Twitter account is now officially verified. SUHWEEEEEEEEET!!!!!!!!!

Pepe Diokno, internationally acclaimed director:
- Was a broadsheet writer for 6yrs. I cn tell whn an interviewer dsnt do hs homewrk. So Im giving u the most unresponsive answrs ever. Sorry.
- I kinda enjoyed being a bad intervw. I shd do this oftn. I respect journos, bt so many dont meet u on an intellectual level. Its frustrating


Rico Blanco, singer-songwriter: Why the hell did producers send wangwang cops 2 escort me fr mla 2 sta rosa m only going 2 a frickin gig? Trafik daw? NO TNX sent them home.

Bubbles Paraiso, model: superficial tweet of the day: If Gibo (Teodoro) wins, we will have such a pretty first lady!! :) Carla Bruni level! hehe :p

Drew Arellano, TV host: Damn. Dreamt of (Manny) Villar. Bilib nako sa campaign manager niya, even placing ads in dreams. MAXIMUM SATURATION POINT.

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