10 Most Forwarded Post-Election Jokes

The election carnival provides fodder for our unique brand of Pinoy humor.

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Pinoys find a good laugh in the darkest situations so it's no surprise that the 2010 election happenings brought out our comic side. SPOT.ph compiles 10 sidesplitting and facepalm-inducing jokes sure to bring on a chortle fest. Well, not all of them–some are so bad, they're good!

Disclaimer: Most of these jokes are from forwarded emails and text blasts. If you know the brains behind them (and they're willing to come out in public), please leave a comment below and we'll credit them.

1. Erap Estrada refuses to concede because ater he voted, the PCOS machine told him "Congratulations!"

2. Erap Estrada: "I AM NOT CONCEIVING!"

3. Nag-concede na sila [Manny] Villar and JC delos Reyes kay Noy [Aquino]. Si Erap magpoprotesta na lang daw kasi di n'ya alam ibig sabihin ng concede. -Twitter user Margret Calderon via FHM.com.ph.


4. Natalo si Villar kasi 'yung supporters niya nag-check, hindi nag-shade, ng bilog na hugis itlog.

5. Manny Pacquiao: I declare the 15th Congress now open! LLLLLLLLET'S GET RRRRRRRRRRRRREADY TO RUMMMMMMBLLLLLLLEEEEE!!! I men, you know.

6. Bakit lamang si Jejomar Binay kay Mar Roxas? Akala daw ng mga jejemons ang buong pangalan ni Mar ay JejoMar.

7. Election analysis: Noy won cuz of Iglesia ni Cristo, Sotto cuz of Iglesia ni Kris, Pacquiao bcuz of Iglesia ni Krista. -Jim Paredes, APO Hiking Society member

8. The [PCOS] machines like [Jamby Madrigal]. Made counting easy coz not too much votes. --@PCOSmachine a.k.a. Yves Gonzalez

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9. Overheard at the MRT:
Woman A: Wow, over 41,000 pala nag-vote para kay Jamby!
Woman B: 'Di ba vegetarian si Jamby? Eh 'di yang 41,000 'yung mga vegetarian sa Pilipinas.

10. Manny Pangilinan confirms that losing candidates Manny Villar and Loren Legarda will join a new noontime show on TV-5 called  Kawawa-We!

SPOT.ph wants to know: Know any more (or funnier!) post-election jokes? Tell us below:

Artwork (homepage) by Warren Espejo.

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