Ria Limjap on I’ll Be There: Gabby is Still the King of Kilig

Our SPOT.ph blogger says Gabby Concepcion has evolved into a better actor, while KC, well, sounds eerily like her mom Sharon Cuneta.


Nicely timed for Father’s Day is the new drama from Star Cinema. It’s the much-awaited reunion movie with 80s heartthrob-turned-top-California-real estate agent Gabby Concepcion and his daughter KC Concepcion, whose mother is Sharon Cuneta. I’ll Be There (by veteran director Maryo J. de los Reyes) is the story of an angry and ambitious young woman named Maxi (KC Concepcion) who finds herself in financial trouble trying to launch her fashion collection in New York City. Maxi goes home to the Philippines to find her estranged father (Gabby Concepcion) so she can collect the inheritance from her recently dead mother. There’s fifteen years between them and Maxi still feels her father’s abandonment keenly. But now dad wants to keep his daughter around for as long as he can, so they strike a deal: Maxi stays with him for a month, and she gets her millions. That’s the basic conflict-and I won’t go on about plot because it’s not really that hard to get. Of course it’s really all about Maxi’s daddy issues.