Top 10 Must-Visit Divisoria Streets

The 10 streets you need to divvy up in Divi from the experts at Entrepreneur.

Alt Text: Divisoria Street MapDivisoria map by Jason Confesor courtesy of Entrepreneur. Click here to download the PDF version.


Who doesn’t know that Divisoria is a cheapskate’s haven? With its streets rammed with all sorts of affordable goods--from clothes and electronics, to food and craft materials, there’s definitely something for everyone seeking a rock-bottom bargain. Newbies may be overwhelmed by this vast shopping space, but, with a little help from the experts, you can weave in and out of "DV" and come out victorious with giant bayongs full of goods. Entrepreneur magazine, now on its 10th year, has just come out with a Divisoria-themed issue for August, with an Ultimate Street-by-Street Guide. Here are’s top 10 picks of goodies-filled DV streets, in no particular order.  Most streets offer practically everything but we highlighted the major finds from each street.

1. Claro M. Recto Avenue

Street vibe: It’s wise to start shopping here since most streets are connected to this road.

Prime finds: Ready-to-wear (RTW) clothes and foods at the Tutuban Shopping Complex; made-to-order and RTW clothes, dried fish, fishing equipment, linoleum and tent material on the street; and grilled meat and seafood at the Ihawan of Tutuban Primeblock.

2. Juan Luna Street

Street vibe: It is "often muddy and slippery" here, Entrepreneur says, because of the Divisoria wet market found on this street. This is also the t-shirt central of Divisoria, according to "You can get great bargains on bulk orders, and even find printing shops offering rates that are lower than their commercial counterparts as long as you meet their minimum order requirements."

Prime finds: Fruits, textiles, RTW clothes, accessories, DVDs, fishing equipment, stuffing for pillows and teddy bears, upholstery, appliances, home décor, and printing and office supplies.

3. Ylaya Street

Street vibe: One of the busiest streets in Divisoria, Ylaya Street is home to the Commoners’ Commercial, which is packed with plastic products and packaging materials.

Prime finds: Gift ideas, party materials, textile, made-to-order and RTW gowns and suits, handicrafts, and kitchenware.

4. Tabora Street

Street vibe: Go crazy at the specialized shops selling textile and sewing accessories specifically at the Yangco Market.

Prime finds: Costumes, gowns and formal wear, party supplies and souvenirs, sewing materials, home décor, upholstery and crafting materials.

5. Sta. Elena Street

Street vibe: The popular and air-conditioned 168 Mall lies along this street. According to, 27,000 to 35,000 shoppers go to the mall during weekdays, while 40,000 to 42,000 shop during weekends.

Prime finds: RTW and customized clothes, accessories, kitchenware, electronics, corporate and party giveaways, and fruits.


6. Felipe II Street

Street vibe: Near 168 Mall, this is the short street crowded with fruit stands you should definitely hit after your 168 shopping.

Prime finds: Lanzones, rambutan, durian, pear and grapes; kitchenware, clothes and accessories.

7. Carmen Planas Street

Street vibe: Shopping here is certainly fruitful--this street is famous for its assortment of local and imported fruits.

Prime finds: Lanzones from Cagayan de Oro, suha from Davao, seedless grapes, ponkan and Fuji apples; garments, old gaming consoles and spare parts; and cheap accessories at 859 Fashion Accessories.

8. Padre Rada Street

Street vibe: A treat for textile hunters, Padre Rada Street offers stall after stall of cloth and clothing accessories.

Prime finds: Textile goods; and white onions, Ilocos garlic and potatoes.

9. Bilbao Street

Street vibe: Home to the Oriental Market, Bilbao Street has all sorts of fruits and vegetables.

Prime finds: Fruits and vegetables in season.

10. Sto. Cristo Street

Street vibe: This long road "offers a respite from the madness of Divi’s inner streets," Entrepreneur writes. You can find the New Divisoria Mall, Divisoria Bazaar, Gody’s Wax Center and Liwanag’s Candle Store here.

Prime finds: Packaging material, disposable utensils, baking equipment and supplies, kitchenware, sinamay and abaca products, and school supplies; and cheap electronics, giveaways, toys and gift items best bought in bulk at the New Divisoria Mall.

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Find more streets to explore and get the complete lowdown on Divisoria in Entrepreneur’s August 2010 issue.

The August issue of Entrepreneur is now available for P125 in all major bookstores and newsstands. Check out Entrepreneur online. Map illustration by Jason Confesor, courtesy of Entrepreneur.


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