Tweets of the Week: Atom Araullo, Annabelle Rama + more

Atom Araullo and Patty Laurel celebrate their 4th anniversary, Annabelle Rama lashes out at Gary V.’s wife, Charice parties with <em>Glee</em> cast, and more.

Atom Araullo and Patty Laurel

Atom Araullo and Patty Laurel celebrate their four years together:

Patty Laurel, former TV host and VJ:
- isang tulog nalang @atomaraullo excited na ako sa surprise mo! sorry peeps,im such an"occasions person"!i live for d mushy shizzz! :) :)
thanks Facebook 4d anniversary reminder (w/heart pa 4extra "aww-ness") on my wall..i dont know u,u dont know me..but u guys just get me!hehe
Nikolai: "Teacher has a boyfriend! Yihee!I saw him on TV!" Other kids:"Really?? Who??" Nikolai: "Teacher Patty’s boyfriend is Justin Bieber"
4 on 9.9.10. :) :) :) :) I’m BEYOND HAPPY!!!
- aww!just receivd d most beautiful flowers;)uy mukhang more than friends na tlga tyo @atomaraullo ;) thanks4d special delivery
2 Dumb Ass "Teen" Lovers! With our homemade love sick t-shirt,with just a hint of crazy :) hahaha! @atomaraullo

Atom Araullo, TV reporter and’s cutest TV newsman:
Please check out!!! Because she’s cute
Happy 4 years @pattylaurel! (Belated na pala, hehe). Para akong nanalo sa lotto ;)

Annabelle Rama, talent manager:
- nabasa ko sa newspapers kahapon na galit daw sa akin si gary v., sana mabasa ni gary itong tweet ko. dapat magalit siya sa asawa niyang...
chismosa at mahilig makialam sa buhay ng ibang tao. gary, mahal kita, ang laki ng respeto ko sa iyo at idol kita. ayoko nang pahabain pa ito

Charice Pempengco, singer and "Sunshine Corazon" of Glee:
Glee Premiere Party tonight! :] take care everyone. love you all.
- I really had fun @ the Glee party. :) t’was great. @MsLeaMichele was amazing. goodnight everyone. :)
pls follow my character on Glee. >

Rajo Laurel, designer, tweets during the 2010 Cosmo Bachelor Bash:

- S+@#!!! I love my seat!!! Parang ang daling pitasin!!! LOL!
Let’s call tonight a coming out party! I mean if your really straight what are you doing here! LOL! I mean seriously?
Pasko ngayon ng mga BECKY!!! Sa COSMO BASH!!!

Fabio Ide, Brapanese model and one of 10 Cosmo Bachelor Centerfolds:
Feels good after ana amazing show. Now I don’t need a diet anymore. Gutom na gutom ako. I hope everybody enjoyed the show. Baliu.
By the way I just ate my second balot in my entire life. Feels super pinoy pero I need a big mac with coke to remove the taste,hehe.


KC Montero, radio DJ and TV host:
I ruined the concert for some with my 2min reading of sponsors. Imagine what I can do in 2 hours. Making the crowd vomit is a superpower.
- playing all hip hop and uncensored music today, what can they do fire me? were closing in 2 weeks..

Maxene Magalona, actress:
This Roger, Jr. character on Tekken 6 has a baby joey in his pocket and still battles other characters! Hindi na naawa sa anak niya! CHOS
What’s so wrong with being honest about what I feel? Eh ganun ako eh. Expressive. Mali ba? Ahh, eff it. Never mind.

Gang Badoy, RockEd founder:
How often do I get to type the phrase "UP won?" Not often, sulitin ko na. UP won! Here- watch this, - UP won.
Instead of curtailing media - how about govt squeeze everything to provide quality education so majority will be critically media literate?
I really take personal offense when people in charge ban discussion instead of grab the chance to educate.
That Venus Raj phrase really has to go.
Don’t get me wrong Venus Raj - on you it was (at that point) ok, delightful even (stretch yan) but 93 million x 24/7 is downright HELL.

Jeff Canoy, TV reporter:
so the senate doesn’t want us to report things that cast a bad light on RP? simula bukas, dora the explorer na lang palabas sa lahat ng TV.
nagtataasan ang presyo ng mga pangunahing bilihin sa mercado. buti pa ako, sa crush ko lang nagmamahal.#mycountryinagoodlight
kulang ang equipment ng PNP, pero don’t worry, meron silang maso. #mycountryinagoodlight



Artwork by Warren Espejo. Photo courtesy of Patty Laurel.

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