"Billionaire," the ’Bisakol’ version + English in 24 accents

Did these kids "mangle" the lyrics of the Travie McCoy song on purpose? Plus "The English Language in 24 Accents"


A video of three teenagers singing Travie McCoy’s "Billionaire" on YouTube.com is fast going viral especially on Facebook.

One user said, "’Wan, tu, tre, GOH.... I swur, the world bittur prepur, for wen I’m a billionurrrr!!!!’" Someone get these kids a spot on Uprrah."

Comments on YouTube about the video range from the amused to the confused, with people wondering if the three really pronounce English that way or were intentionally mangling the lyrics. One commenter spelled out the first few lyrics:

"I wanna be a belleoner so prekeng bad bay ull uf the things i niver had, I wan to be un the cuver uf purbes magazine smiling next to upra and the quen"

Posted under the Comedy category, user thebuangness who posted the video says, "FYI: this video is in the comedy category, so pls don’t comment any harsh statements about us. This video was made for fun...We [are] just showing how the Bisakol accent is." "Bisakol" is a combination of "Bisaya" and "Bikol."

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Funny or not, PC (Politically correct) or not, the video already has 4,426 views as of posting time.

Oh, and before you laugh at Bisakol English, check out 24 different ways the English language can sound in this video by Truseneye92 which now has 2,245,379 views as of posting time. Maybe he should add Bisakol to his repertoire?



The English Language in 24 languages has over 2 million views.

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