10 Buzzwords You Ought to Know in 2011

What’s a "vagenda?" SPOT.ph lists 10 new useful words you might want to add to your vocabulary this year.


Forget jejemons and bekimons! Make way for the new buzzwords we think will catch on this 2011. Hey, we could be wrong, but at least your vocab is 10 words richer after this.

1. PhoBAR /fow-bar/

Etymology: Acronym for Photoshopped Beyond All Recognition

Definition: Adjective used to refer to an image, usually of a person, which has been digitally manipulated (usually using Adobe Photoshop) so much that it is barely recognizable. Simply put, it is an altered picture of someone that makes you squint your eyes, look closer and say, "Siya ba talaga 'yan?"

Usage: "Dude, that photo of (insert sexy star picture here) on that magazine cover is totally PhoBAR. Her eyes look nothing like that and her boobs are not that big.




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2. iTtractive /ay-trak-tiv/

Etymology: iPhone/iPad + attractive

Definition: Adjective used to describe a person who is only visually pleasing when holding a state-of-the-art phone or other gadget. Sans the technological device, he or she becomes an average Joe or Jane.

Usage: "I didn't notice that guy in the bar last night, but he suddenly became very iTtractive when he whipped out his iPhone."




3. Masturdate /mas-tur-deyt/


Etymology: A term first used in the NBC show Late Night with Conan O'Brien, it is a play on the words "masturbate" and "date."

Definition: Noun used to refer to the act of going on a night out alone, with the goal of pleasing one's self. It is a wholesome act of self-gratification. 

Usage: "Since I don't have anyone to go out with this Valentine's Day, I’m planing on going on a masturdate."





4. Hiberdate /hay-ber-deyt/

Etymology: Hibernate + Date

Definition: Verb used to describe the act of social isolation after finding a date. It means forgetting all other kinds of friends (NFFS, BFFs, friends with benefits, frenemies, etc.) and spending much time with a potential boyfriend or girlfriend.

Usage: "I haven't seen him in our DOTA sessions for a whole month. He’s probably hyberdating with that hot girl we met at the bar from our last night out."



5. Koremon /ko-ri-mon/

Etymology: Korean + jejemon

Definition: Term used to refer to someone heavily influenced by both the K-Pop and the jejemon cultures. He or she can be someone who sports a K-Pop get-up but speaks jejenese, or someone who texts you with "4nnY3ong hAs30" to say "Nice to meet you."

Usage: "The Super Junior concert last night was filled with fan girls and Koremons."

6. Voluntourism /vo-lun-tu-rism/


Etymology: Volunteer + Tourism

Definition: Noun used to call the act of travelling for a cause. It may involve going to a place, then volunteering for environmental or social work.

Usage: "My barkada and I went to a voluntourism trip to Coron last week. We cleaned up the shore in the morning and spent the afternoon snorkelling. It was awesome!"


7. Meme-o-holic /mim-o-ho-lik/

Etymology: Derived from the root word "meme" or a concept that spreads like wildfire over the Internet.

Definition: Adjective used to describe a netizen who is addicted to doing every single meme there is in social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter. The ultimate meme-o-holic changed his or her profile picture to a cartoon character for the campaign against violence against children, and also participated in the "I like it..." campaign against breast cancer. A meme-o-holic is some sort of a social network activist.

Usage: "One of my Facebook friends is such a meme-o-holic. She floods my wall with posts I don't understand anymore. I want to unfriend her!"


8. Vagenda /va-jen-da/


Etymology: Vagina + Agenda

Definition: Something a woman accomplishes using her feminine wiles. It is an agenda, usually an evil one, which involves the use of girl power to be undertaken.

Usage: "Be careful with that girl, dude. She might have a hidden vagenda."


9. Nontroversy /non-tro-ver-si/

Usage: None + Controversy


Definition: An issue blown out of proportion, usually due to undue media attention. It is something that bothers everyone one minute, then makes everyone say "Why the heck did I let myself be preoccupied by that?" after some time. In short, it is the modern term for the classic much-ado-about-nothing.

Usage: "The Twitter war between Cristine Reyes and Sarah Geronimo is such a nontroversy, but celebrities took sides anyway."


10. Appathetic


Etymology: App (as in application) + Apathetic

Definition: Adjective used to describe someone who lives under a rock and is totally indifferent to latest technological innovations, such as the newest gadgets, applications, games, downloads, etc. (Or maybe he or she just doesn't care).

Usage: "My mother is so appathetic she doesn't even know what "Plants vs. Zombies" is. I mean, that game is soooo 2010!"






See 2010’s list of buzzwords here.





Illustrations by Warren Espejo

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