Tweets of the Week: Neil Etheridge, Solenn Heussaff, Ely Buendia + more

Neil wants to clear things up with a stewardess, Solenn eats too much lechon in Cebu, Ely defends a fan on Twitter, and more!

Neil Etheridge

Neil Etheridge, goalkeeper for the Philippine National Football Team (Azkals):
- I think me and a certain flight stewardess need to have a conversation as she thinks I’m rude and wants to post it all over the Internet !
- I can now officially say I will attend the AFC Challenge Cup in February! Fulham have granted permission and I am flying out weekend before!
- @rickyolivares haha I will do my best did you see what she wrote about me? I will Facebook it to you privately. Someone sent it to me today
-  @juiceee difference between cocky confident and arrogant I’m an out spoken person with s lot of personality if people don’t like it well...


Solenn Heussaff, model and VJ, on her Sinulog experience:
- morning! getting excited for Cebu tomorrow! cant diet in Cebu, Lechon is my best friend eh.
- In Cebu! Rain rain go away!!
- Gusto ko mag susuka! Ate too much lechon too was too good! Yung balat ko lechon na!
- So many people!!
- Wild!

Sanya Smith, model, on the new zodiac sign Ophiuchus:
-Curious lang..the new sign Ophiuchus..what is it? I hope its a Unicorn. That would be so dope

Ciara Sotto, singer, dancer and actress, tweets a photo from the Oyo Boy Sotto-Kristine Hermosa wedding: - Thanks @vicosotto for the pic! :)
- Sotto girls with their fathers :) @ilovemarasotto
- @aikomelendez tnx ate! Miss u!!! Sa wedding yan ni oyo :)

Maggie Wilson, actress and beauty queen:
-  walking down the aisle.. <3
at the alter.. <3
- *altar*
- with my queens! <3
- First dance.. <3
- I love the fact that I get to have lunch with my husband everyday.. <3


Victor Consunji, real estate scion and husband of Maggie Wilson:
- I should make an effort to tweet 8 more times... At least I’ll be at 500 tweets... ;)
- @meisterOJ @nosliweiggam just finishing up some errands ;) headed back home soon. You guys?

Ely Buendia, lead singer of Pupil:
- RT @analamsen: @elybuendia9000 disband na po ba ang eheads?
- Ease up on @analamsen people. Don’t recognize irony when you see it?

Joey Mead, host and model:
- Couldnt hang out in the kitchen due to the rugby being used for the shelves,holy wow is the smell horrid.To think some people get high on it
- F*^king! Mosquitoes in this hood are thug like mofos looking for blood! Off lotion is just an apertif for them!

Daphne Osena Paez, TV personality and commercial model:
- My favourite Disney heroine is Belle - strong-willed, feisty, brave, independent. Aurora is my least. She just slept. @Holmesjoh


Chico Garcia, radio DJ:
- My dog cairo is humping my other dog siam. But theyre both boys and cairo doesnt have balls anymore. Nairobi, the female, has gone unhumped.

Gabe Mercado, comedian:
- So I am now Sagittarius. That’s not cool.
- I’ve always thought that, for reasons unknown, Sagittarius is the best punchline when it comes to astrology related non sequitur jokes.

Franco Mabanta, former TV host and model, on the recent Golden Globe Awards:
- How do you get A-list actors to attend the Golden Globes? Oh, I know! Let’s nominate "The Tourist" and laugh about it after. #shitfilm


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