PNP posts carjacking prevention tips online, says it’s also a problem in rural areas

In the wake of recent high-profile carjacking incidents, the Philippine National Police (PNP) posted anti-carjacking tips on its official website, reports

The PNP said carjacking can happen anywhere (from large cities to rural areas), anytime (though "a sizable share takes place late at night or early in the morning"), and to anyone. They said carjackers strike in places where drivers are prone to slow down or stop such as intersections, parking lots, self-service gas stations, and ATM booths.

The police named a common method used by carnappers: the Bump and Rob. A driver, usually accompanied by one passenger, rear-ends you. When you get out of the car to check the damage and exchange insurance information, one of the two carnappers drives off with your vehicle.

For this specific situation, the PNP advised the public to check if there are other cars in the area. "If the situation makes you uneasy, memorize or jot down the car’s tag number and description, and signal the other car to follow you. Drive to the nearest police station or to a busy, well-lighted area. If you do get out of the car, take your keys (and purse or wallet if you have one) with you and stay alert."

For more anti-carnapping tips, log on to

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