Juana Change pokes fun at P-Noy’s Porsche in new satirical video

Juana Change on the President’s Porsche


Juana Change, character actress Mae Paner in real life, has made President Noynoy Aquino’s "thirdhand" Porsche the subject of her new satirical video. In the clip uploaded on Youtube yesterday, Paner and four actors discussed the President’s controversial P4.5-million purchase.

When an actor quipped that the Porsche was bought thirdhand, Juana Change said, "Ke thirdhand, ke secondhand, firsthand nating binigay sa kanya ang posisyon niya bilang pangulo ng Pilipinas. Aba ang sabi niya, bayan muna bago ang sarili." ("Whether it’s thirdhand or secondhand, we gave him his position as President of the Philippines firsthand. He said, ’Country first before oneself.’")

Reacting to what Aquino said about how driving the luxury car relaxes him, an actor posing as a student said, "Uy kayo naman! Intindihin niyo naman. Nakaka-stress nga naman ’yong wala ka pang nagagawa sa dami ng kailangan gawin, hindi ba?" ("Come on, you should understand. It’s so stressful having done nothing when there is much to do.")

The same actor also cited Republic Act 6713 Section 4 (h): "Simple living. Public officials and employees and their families shall lead modest lives appropriate to their positions and income. They shall not indulge in extravagant or ostentatious display of wealth in any form."

ABS-CBN News quoted Paner as saying, "Ang boss niya ay nagugutom. Naghihikahos. Naghihirap. Wala akong ilusyon na maghirap din siya. Ngunit inaasahan natin na siya ay makikiramay sa kanyang mga boss sa pamamaraang angkop-ang mamuhay ng simple at maging sensitibo sa kalagayan ng taumbayan." ("His bosses are starving, struggling and getting poorer. I am not saying that he should be struggling too. But at the very least, we expect him to empathize with his bosses in a way that is appropriate-by living simply and being sensitive to the plight of his people.")

In a press statement reported by ABS-CBN News, she said is not withdrawing her support for the Aquino administration. She is merely showing "tough love," she said.


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