Risa Hontiveros reacts to CBCP’s anti-RH Bill pastoral letter: "Could you not show a little more respect for women?"

In a letter addressed to the Catholic Bishops' Conference of the Philippines (CBCP) President Nereo Odchimar, Akbayan spokesperson Risa Hontiveros posted her reaction to the CBCP’s anti-Reproductive Health (RH) Bill pastoral letter on her Facebook page yesterday.

The CBCP said the "RH Bill empowers women with ownership of their own bodies... without the dictation of any religion." Hontiveros wrote, "Whatever gave you the idea that we decide about our bodies or anything else in life without anchoring in our deepest inspirations, whether faith or humanism or the sheer sense of being a woman? As a conference of men located outside women's experience, good bishop, could you not show a little more respect for us?"

In response to the CBCP’s statement that they made "a prophetic and moral judgment on political leadership" in the 1986 People Power, Hontiveros wrote, "In 1986, you were advancing democracy; now, you are impeding democracy."

"As one of the young people then who went in our multitudes to EDSA (in 1986), I will always remember how our hearts were made even braver and our feet swifter by the CBCP’s pastoral letter," Hontiveros added. "But your pastoral letter of last month cannot be placed on the same plane... By misrepresenting the (RH) Bill as promotive of abortion and of adolescent promiscuity-with all due respect-you have not only been intellectually dishonest and ignored the good faith of RH advocates, but also failed to proclaim the life-saving and values-formation character of this public health measure."

"Without you or even against you, we will win this new revolution, too," Hontiveros said.


For more on this story, log on to Hontiveros’ Facebook page.

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