Woman in LA dies in her cubicle, discovered only the next day

Rebecca Wells, a 51-year-old compliance auditor at the Los Angeles County, was found dead in her cubicle a day after she passed away. According to The Daily Mail, she died on Friday but a security guard only discovered her body on Saturday afternoon.

Wells usually worked at an office about 15 miles away but decided to complete an audit in the area where she was found, reports The Daily Mail. "She was working in a line of cubicles that were unoccupied... There were no phones and no employees nearby," Linda Estrada, a public information officer at the LA County’s internal services department, said.

Estrada added that the area where Wells was found is seldom used so it is not cleaned. Security guards don’t necessarily make physical checks and lights are switched off at 7 p.m. to conserve energy.

Authorities are still investigating the cause of death but according to The Daily Mail, foul play is not suspected. "She was always very enthusiastic about her job... She was a very respected and dedicated employee," Estrada said.

A mother of two, Wells recently became a grandmother to a boy who was born a few days before her death.


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