Top 10 Places for Car Buffs rounded up the best places in the metro to pimp your ride.

Some people love pets, others love comic books. The rest love their cars. And for those who love their wheels, it’s no hobby-it’s an all-consuming passion that’s so much more than a means to get from point A to point B. After all,  a car is many things: a big investment, a reflection of your personality, and let's be honest, the ultimate penis extension (for men at least!). With the daily swell of Manila traffic it’s practically our second home anyway.

Car buffs love their ride because it gives them the opportunity to make a statement: a luxury ride like the Jaguar XFR gives an impression of success; a lovingly restored 1959 MGA Roadster reflects a person with a penchant for the classics; a souped-up Nissan Silvia S14 shows an adrenaline-junkie who likes to stand out. But regardless of the make and model, one thing car buffs have in common is the need to show their beloved some TLC. teamed up with the auto fanatics at Top Gear to list the best places in the metro to pimp your ride.





Photos from,,,,,,,, and by (Car Shack). Screencap from (Banawe)

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